Thursday, April 28, 2011

Et Toi Kuwait !?

It seems that Hosni Mubarak has not got only media orphans in Egypt but he also got media orphans in the Arab world. Strangely and amazingly at the same time PM Sharaf was visiting Kuwait we found some Kuwaiti media outlets launching that provoking campaign in solidarity with Mohamed Hosni Mubarak aka Bou Alaa !!!!!!!!!!!!First we got this strange paid ad by some Egyptian lawyer living in Kuwait asking PM Sharaf to pardon Mubarak because of his age and the fact the biggest punishment for him is stepping down !!!!!!!!!?
On behalf of almost all Egyptians in Kuwait
Boldly enough this lawyer speaks on behalf of almost all Egyptians there !!! Who gave him the right to speak on behalf of them !!
Then we got this strange daily campaign on air in "Scoop" TV channel where the TV host and his alleged unbiased callers are attacking the revolutionary youth and the army. Here are two clips from the TV show. the TV host speaks to one of those Mubarak supporters camping at the ERTVU building. They are so provoking and stupid at the same time.
Who are you so you claim that you do not accept the humiliation of Hosni Mubarak ? And what are these provoking SMS at the News bar !! "Egyptians forgot the favors of their father and President !!" Who said that  Mubarak was our father , enough of this old parenthood talk in politics that brought us backwards !!!? Mubarak is not Papa Gaber may Allah bless his soul !? Or even worse "Why are you insulting President Mubarak !!? He did not shot his people like Qaddafi !!?" Are you kidding me !!? there are 864 Egyptians killed from January 25th till February 11th in Egypt because of Mubarak and his son according to the official investigations.
I do not understand if this is ignorance or what !!? Of course my conspiracy theory mind is telling me that I should not be surprised to find Ahmed El-Garallah behind this stupid disgusting campaign as he has now lost an important source of income !!
Some will say that the Kuwaitis did not forget for Mubarak what he had done during the Iraqi invasion , well with my all due respect this was what anyone would have done in his place , Nasser would have done it and Sadat would have done it. If anyone the Kuwaitis should thank for the Gulf , it should be the Egyptian army and the Egyptian People. The Egyptian army was the one that fought in the Gulf war not Mubarak !!
FYI we have not known till now how many Egyptian officers and soldiers were killed during the liberation of Kuwait and despite all the debate about the liberation of Kuwait and the intervention of foreign Western forces , I am proud that the Egyptian army stood with his Arab people as it should. By the way one of the possible presidential candidate in Egypt is Lt.General Mohamed Belal who led the Egyptian army in Kuwait.
This Scoop TV channel is insulting both the Egyptian revolutionaries , the Egyptian army and I will dare to say our martyrs !!!
I do not underestimate the impact of this show because I found Kuwaiti tweeps standing with Mubarak and against his imprisonment pending investigation.The media plays an important role here.
It is shameful and disgusting when a country like Kuwait with a distinguished democratic political experience in Gulf to disrespect our quest and fight to democracy in this way. Already we have not forgotten what the Kuwaiti government did to ElBaradei support campaigners in the country. "ElBaradei is from the top Presidential candidates in Egypt now"
This is too  much to tolerate and unfortunately the people in Gulf do not know how much the people in Egypt are extremely angry because of what they heard from alleged Saudi and Emirati pressure on the SCAF and the government.
For weeks now we had rumors that the Gulf countries are pressing the SCAF not to touch Mubarak and his family , for weeks Egypt has nothing to speak about except the alleged Saudi and Emirati threats to the SCAF despite all the denials from the SCAF and the Saudi ambassador followed by the Emirati ambassador.Still it is in vain as the majority of the Egyptians believe that the Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia blackmails the SCAF , the majority of Egyptians not the majority of the revolutionary youth.
It started with rumors that the Mubaraks and their entourage transferred their money to the banks of Saudi Arabia and UAE then the threats from both countries to send back the Egyptian expats to Egypt if Mubarak was touched then to withdraw the Gulf investments from Egypt then the Saudi funding to the Salafists and radical Islamic groups in Egypt in order to turn it in another Afghanistan then the rumor about the Emirati visas in Egypt. Just today El Wafd weekly issue had this front page headline today "Suzanne Mubarak wants a mediation from Gulf to release her husband in return of some ransom !!" 
Needless to there is no smoke without a fire and here we got the Hussein Salem's national treasures and how we found them leaving the country with the alleged help of some Saudi prince then came the cancellation of the UAE visit during Sharaf's GCC tour to add more fuel to the fire at the valley of the Nile.
With documents
Farouk Hosni collaborates with Mohamed Ibrahim ,
the Bahraini former minister of information
in Stealing the lands worth millions
Seriously speaking the Egyptian Iranian relations file and the Gulf businessmen's corruption files are what can affect our relations despite I believe the GCC will not be harmed if we have an open channel with Iran.Iran already began to have a strong position in the world when Egypt was losing power thanks to Mubarak's pathetic regional policies. PM Sharaf has already made clear to the GCC and the whole world that the security of the Gulf is from the security of Egypt.
The best thing about the Gulf businessmen's corruption file can be summarized in Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz said to his son Prince Al Walid about the Toshka
Egypt is more important million times than Toshka. 
Already this is just the tip of the ice berg for Al Walid , many Egyptians are too annoyed for having our cinematic , musical and radio archives under the mercy of Murdoch and News Corp. I hope that he returns back this archive.
I will remind the rulers of the Gulf with the famous Prophet Mohamed's quote about stealing and his daughter Fatimah.
Beautiful avatar made
by our brothers in Gulf 
There are also fears that the Egyptian revolution would be exported to the Gulf , the thing which unfortunately Essam Sharaf denied. "Many disliked his statement including me".  The Egyptian revolution which is partially imported from Tunisia is not a disease , people do not revolt for no reason , the GCC regimes should understand this. I am from the people who know that the concept of copy cat revolutions and exporting them is a myth and the Iranian revolution
The GCC regimes should not be afraid from the Egyptian revolution and its impact if they believe that they are fine and do not complain from anything from one hand and from other hand they should realize that nothing is forever and sooner or later the political changes taking the region by storm. Fighting the Egyptian revolution will not stop that storm or hurricane.
Again the Egyptians are extremely angry for what they believe an intervention in our internal issues , many Egyptians believe that Sheikhs and Princes of the Gulf are among those funding and support counter revolution , many Egyptians believe that some in the Gulf want Egypt to remain beggar and poor.We want our new relation with the Gulf will be based on mutual respect , we do not want some drunken young man from powerful in the Gulf to hit and run not to mention to kill someone in Egypt and leave in the next flight , we do not want that. We do not want our media to have this bad perception about the Gulf when we got amazing examples we are all proud of there.
To the Gulf countries whether people or rulers , Egypt and Egyptians want to start new era and we know that it is better that you stand with us and our new Egypt if you truly believe in Egypt and its true role in the region.The new Egypt re-born in the revolution believes in Pan Arabism, the question is how much the GCC rulers believe in Pan Arabism !?  


  1. lovely post zenobia
    i fear that our Gulf Arab brothers think too much of $$$$$ and not enough of national pride
    A Saudi king who burns mosques and qurans in Bahrain is no example of muslim. This is not Islam. This is what Islam warns us of.
    I look at our world today and see 100 tornadoes in the USA. God is mighty. Gods power is endless. Gods messages are being ignored. Americans forget the bible and the plagues and disasters. God sent messages and warnings. Many are ignoring these warnings because they don't believe in God or his power.
    We have to open our eyes to the ones set here on earth by satan. The ones doing his work. I do belive that Egypt is on the right path now after so long on the wrong one. God help all Egyptians and save them from their enemies.

  2. Another great report Z, it makes my heart boiling of anger reading this! when is the Gulf or other countries stop meddling in Egypt business and future!!! I hope those Gulf leaders will be punished by Allah swt and will bring big disaster to them! May Allah swt help Egyptians and Egypt insyallah to be a better country.

  3. did u ever lived abroad specially in the gcc countries? coz i believe u would ve know that their culture and ours are extremely different their way of living thinking even their feeling towards expats. justice.needs has nothing to do with ours this old fairy tail stories about the Arab unity. and that we are om eldonia and the godfather is bullshit. they don't care about us. they don't respect us we exported our uneducated labors . greedy personnel or asskissers who gave them the worst impression ever. i suffered 5 years lislistening to their criticism ; défendending my country. my culture and even after the revolution the pushed me to the edge when they knew that i joined the revolution for 5 days and i had to resign

  4. Excellent post Zeinobia.I have few comments:The PM's visit to the GCC countries at this point was an act of weakness.The fallen regime has constantly shown for decades that we need them more than they need us!They thought that Egyptians are for sale!!That is not accepted any more,we are a sovereign state that deals on win-win basis and according to what serves our best interests.Yes,revolutions could be contagious but that upplies to repressive regimes with fed up people!But,we do not export uprisings!The GCC do not believe in Pan-Arabism!!They only believe that money can buy anything...

  5. @anonymous 01:56:00 AM, When rednecks call Arabs ignorant and say Islam is stuck in the Dark Ages it's you they're talking about.

  6. Egypt can be a powerhouse but only as a democracy. Mubarak should face justice, tempered
    with mercy. Because he is Egyptian, he is a muslim,and he is a war hero and he is an old man.

  7. I lived for 10 years in Lebanon in the 60's and in the summer we used to spend a month in the mountains because it was cooler, and there most GCC rich communities would go to cool off. Many of them would be rich Saudi's and Rich Iraq's. A great number of them would come from Kuwait and guess what? They all hated each other and all hated the Palestinians. The Saudi's thought they were the best of the lot, the Iraq's never spoke to them and the Kuwaitis kept to themselves. All this was demonstrated in Villages high up the Maronite Christian mountains of Lebanon and the locals were used to them and never interfered as they rented them their houses in the summer. The disagreements between these people was also visible at school as what we see today is part of a long standing tribal mentality the prophet Mohammed wanted to get rid off. Recently this tribal instinct surfaced right now because it was in the interest of “you know who” that these people remain divided. My school had many Arab nationals including Egyptians loyal to Nasser many of whom I miss and a few died in 1967 as a result of the leaders incompetence. By the way, none of these people who went to school with me were any good at school, the best performers were Americans, and Lebanese Maronite kids who though they were good friends with the Americans and the Europeans always competed against them fairly and this raised the standard well above the rest of what the Middle Easterners could comprehend so they turned to sports and parties. The Amricans and the Lebanese Maronite kids everybody knew especially the teachers who marked the papers took their studies very seriously despite their young age and were much more mature at understanding math, science and the languages. Most of them “thanks to Facebook” are now scientists, aerospace engineers and professors and successful businessmen keeping in touch with me, but sadly, last at school in nearly all subjects especially the sciences were all from the Middle East and these too I keep in touch with, or at least those who are still alive (not many) and only few of them remain in Iraq, either been bombed out of their houses or did the right thing and went out early in 67 when I left. But the most shocking fact to me was that the European and the American kids apart from excelling at school work, use to team up every Friday afternoon at the school football field in the International School of Beirut and beat the hell out of the Middle Easterners every time at football and every week, poor sods Middle Easterners were not even fit enough to win at competitive sports. I am not surprised at the way things have turned out so far. You see life is exactly like at school, there are those who do their homework become bright and rise above the rest, those who don’t and place themselves at the bottom for the rest of their lives, those who are stupid but devious so they cheat, they pass the exams then they fall because they cannot perform without cheating, and those who are stupid but rich so they buy the exam papers and carry on buying others to do the work for them for the rest of their lives, and then there are the bullies, nothing in the head with the ability to get what they want through violence. I leave it up to you to figure out which one you or your country fit in. So what model should Middle Eastern and African nations follow to pull themselves out of poverty and ignorance? Look East, look and learn from India.

  8. What? Mubarrak is Egyptian, he is a muslim,and he is a war hero and he is an old man? Are you crazy?
    he is none of the above?
    Egyptian? I don t think so, he tortured the Egyptians and forged his way into Egypt's wealth and never did anything for the Egyptians for decades.
    Muslim? I beg to differ, a Muslim is a person whose main goal is to improve the conditions of all Muslims including Education, Economics, Human condition, law an order and much more, Mubarrak left Egypt poorer and worst off 30 years after he left. War hero? I beg to differ, what war did he help to win? A war hero is someone who through his action record would distinguish himself in the battle field which by all accounts I assume he helped to win.
    Which one is that then? the six day war of 67? Yum Kippur 73? or any other war his army has ever defeated a perceived enemy. For all I know all of these wars resulted in losing land or do you read other historic books? Get off it, Mubarrak and the rest of the Arab Corrupt leaders are neither national, nor Muslims nor Hero's, they are greedy criminals. Saddam, Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Mubarrak etc.. etc..

  9. you are even questioning whether he is an old man and I am supposed to be the one who is crazy. Also you don't get say who is muslim and who is not, who gave you that power? Noone.

  10. I don't know many true Muslims and I can tell, you are not Muslim either. As of the question of Mubarraks age, well it is irrelevant. Old people are wise and if he was to qualify then his attention would be directed at coming to terms with his deeds and facing his god not trying to kill Egyptians in order to retain power in this world. Old people are supposed to be wiser and Mubarrak is anything but. So what if he is 82 year old? that does not qualify him as an old wise person if he is still an outlaw and a killer. Finally, I will call a Muslim country Islamic if the ratio of scientist and engineers in that country is higher than any other country in the world, but until they reach that ratio, they are not Muslims because one of Islam's first rule is education, science and technology, but of course you don't know that. That is why no so called Islamic state qualifies as Islamic or at least none that I know of.

  11. Again, I say it is not up to you to say who is or who is not a true muslim. No-one gave you that power and in fact no-one has that power to give. What I am is irrelevant. I am not claiming to have the right to decide who is and who is not a true muslim.

  12. I think you or people like you are part of the problem. Go back to school.

  13. You might have a point there. We're all part of the problems but also hopefully part of the solutions. As to education,knowledge and books I can honestly say I love almost nothing more but I favor the arts side because I worry science and technology have only taught us how to kill each other more effeciently and religion only gives us justifications to do that.

  14. There is no limit man stupidity .... unfortunately it is about you .... and the crowd received the freedom of not knowing what it doing.Egypt mired in chaos, filth and ignorance ... what's next? When a country ruled by the crowd, demanding blood and circuses! After Mubarak to judge the Attorney General? "He worked the same under Mubarak!
    ListenRead phonetically

  15. Reply to Pirooz, Islam asked Muslim to seek knowledge as an essential part of adhering to the Islamic faith, that includes the sciences, arts and philosophy. Early Islamic scientists and visionary leaders understood that and invested in these heavily, in damascus, cairo,persia,kurdistan, Bagdad, Kairouan in tunisia and in andalousia, but then leadership deteriorated until now. I agree with you 100% on the arts point, the arts are an essential part of the civilized society that Islam demanded, and if you studied Islamic philosophy then part of the argument is the twin-ship between the arts and science,but the arts on their own will not help you defend yourself and your country against a technologically advanced invader. What the Arts does is make you build a sensible balance, where science is not used irresponsibly.When the Arabs lost their technological edge, they were invaded by the Turks, had they continued in the search for scientific exploits, the Turks would not dare, I hope this lesson finally sinks in. And if you think I am an Islamist, you are wrong, I am but, in fact I am a scientist. Yes Muslims are part of the problem and also the solution but not before they realize that their DNA has been infected by centuries of unscientific reasoning, violence, disrespect for each other, and tribal chaos, they need to change the bad DNA strands so to speak and recreate themselves and their civilization, will they ever do?
    not until they discover where the problem is through the knowledge base reality of Islam, and I do not expect that any time soon.

  16. The Arts can teach us how to live and how to understand others.Science can develope clear thinking. Science doesn't lie, something is either verifiably and demonstrably true or it is not but it can't indicate how to live. Religion because of how I've watched others use it can't do that for me either. If I follow their example, I'm finished.
    There is nothing wrong with muslims DNA or Arabs. Thats what I learnt from watching events for the last 5 months. It is still going to be uphill but the changes are taking place. You as a scientist know that most of the major discoveries depended on almost miraculous breakthroughs at the most unexpected times.

  17. The muslims contributed a lot in the field of science. Now the muslims are suffering due to their lack of interest in knowledge. Look at the past- the muslims were the top scientists, inventors, astronomers, Astrologers, Chemist. You can name any field in the science and you will find that the muslims contributed a lot.


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