Friday, April 29, 2011

This is what I call indecent proposal !!

Guardian has published a report about SS documents it has got from Egypt about proposals from British Gamma international to provide the Egyptian government with systems to hack our emails and Skype accounts through its Finfisher Spy software.
Here are the leaked documents , I had their link for months but I forgot to publish them.
Gamma's Anti-Skype Finfisher Spy Software
From its side Gamma international denied to the Guardian that it had supplied the Egyptian regime with any software or system or training , of course they have to say to so.
Now this is what I call indecent proposal , serious indecent proposal because Gamma knew that  its magical software would be used against the Egyptian people by a police state , a corrupted state !! Did Gamma sales executives think for one second that this software would be used against the Qaeda terrorists !!? Did Gamma sales executives think that the Mubarak regime was working according the law and spied on the citizens by a court order !!!?
I believe now there is a new challenge for activists and politicians on how they can communicate and it is not about Egypt but it is about every single country in the world that suffers from the disease we had and still have in general in the middle east. The last thing we have been introduced lately in the Syrian revolution was to the Syrian Spam bots.
It is a challenge not only to activists but to developers and normal users as well when it comes to privacy.
Of course in Egypt we believe in the manual manpower thus the orphans of the electronic committee in the NDP are doing their job up till now , it is about the LE 1500 per month they have lost  !!

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