Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It pours for Zahi Hawass Now !!

It does not only rain for Zahi Hawass but it is pouring cats and dogs.
Forget about the Zahi Hawass’ menswear photo shot and whether it were in Cairo or NY.
Forget about the jail sentence and LE 10,000 fine
Now we got something new chasing Zahi Hawass : That Great Pyramid’s secret chamber live event which we stayed late night watching it from couple of years ago could be fake !!
The photos are interesting indeed but what Hawass will gain from hiding the truth behind this room !!? I know that ancient aliens theorists believe there is something hidden there related the truth of the pyramids and Hawass is hiding it but let’s remember Hawass looked so bad when he found nothing at secret chamber , too bad in a way you can’t imagine it considering the media frenzy surrounding the big show !!
Zahi Hawass needed some huge discovery in order to show the world who is the Zahi Hawass but he did not get for some divine reason !!
This conspiracy theory is actually  accusation not only to but Zahi Hawass but to the National geographic society as well. Of course we got our share from local conspiracy theorists who believe that National geographic society once is Zionist society and once is freemasonic society that wants to mess up with our great pyramids.
Our own Indiana Jones faced a lot of criticism in Egypt because of this big show as many archeologists did not like the idea of having little drilling machines in the pyramids not to mention we found nothing.
Anyhow this will not the only criticism or rather accusation Zahi Hawass faces or will face ,in fact knowing what he can face and is facing in Egypt this is nothing.
By the way someone should dig more in the case of Tarek El-Swisy and the infamous monuments trade , according to the info I have heard from reliable source couple of years ago Tarek had a partner from the close circle of Mubarak. Here I am not referring to Dr. Hawass from near or far I have just remembered the case now while writing this post.
El-Swisy did not only smuggle a full ancient Egyptian tomb but also smuggled the infamous Gospel of Judas from the country before its return back to Cairo.
FYI Kamal El-Shazly and his daughter’s names came in the original tomb case that brought El-Swisy to justice. I wonder if El-Swisy is at Tora prison !!


  1. One commenter said: "There are two shafts and two different blocked doors with copper handles. The images here are the two different shafts." That's probably right. Probably the secret chamber event was not faked.

  2. That's right, after putting the robot up the southern shaft in the Queen's chamber the team then put the robot up the northern shaft to determine if there was a similar 'door' in that shaft. Sure enough there was.

    There is no secret stone model.

    The big question is, was it actually carried out live as claimed?

  3. I remember watching this "live". I had never heard of this Zahi Hawass clown before. It would please me a lot if he gets fully investigated and ends up spending a LONG time in jail.


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