Monday, April 4, 2011

A late apology

First of all this post is a late apology to all our dear Tunisian and Algerian brothers for what happened last Saturday in Cairo Stadium. I will not be claiming anything if I say that I apology on behalf of millions of Egyptians because in many Egyptians share my anger. If we should say anything to Tunisia , it should be Thank you for inspiration and giving huge Tunsiai and Libya at the protestconfidence to the Egyptians that they can do it as well.

Second of all I thank PM Essam Sharaf and our FM Nabil Al –Araby for their quick action when they officially apologized to Tunisia and Algeria. It is enough to that Nabil Al-Araby called his Tunisian counterpart in his way to a TV show when he knew about the attack to apologize without even waiting orders from above. This swift action gives more confidence to both men especially Al-Araby whom I owe a post for his interview.

Some claim that the attack was a deliberate act while others claim it was a hooliganism attack that went too long. Despite I hate the counter revolution on everything and despite I know some of our hooligans have got a problem but there is something fishy. At 10 AM the stadium manager reported that there were 2 thousand thugs have entered the stadium with light weapons !!! He technically did nothing when he should cancel the game. Of course you must know the Cairo stadium manager was among the bodyguards of Gamal and Alaa Mubarak !! There was small number of police forces unlike any other match in a strange way !! For God sake I once saw CSF on horses preparing for some game between Zamalak and some other team in the early morning at the stadium just before the revolution !!! These 13 emergency yellow gates to the field which were opened at the same time  in less than 3 minutes when they should not be opened !!?

There is a lot of questions in this attack that makes it unusual hooliganism case.

I am afraid this is just another episode in the TV series “Me or Chaos” we are currently witnessing. The first episode is the lack of security while the  second episode is the return of the religious radicalization represented in Salafists and the third episode is that night of Stadium.We understand these tricks.

I do not know why the AFC does not impose the new thuggery law against those thugs who attacked the stadium as well as those called Salafists who are burning down shrines.

Postponing the league championship is so much needed , already we need the people to focus on things that really matter , yes football is a big industry but this industry needs to be purified from the old regime followers and they are so many starting from the football federation members.

I have not been able to blog recently because  I have underwent a LASIK operation Saturday morning , I only logged to twitter couple of times in the past 48 hours breaking the doctor’s orders. I know I still can’t blog as before because my eyes need to rest more but I felt this post is so much needed.


  1. the message of this tunisian brother after the Zamalek game should be widly spreaded.

  2. "TV series “Me or Chaos”"it looks exactly like this !!! Mubarak's "Dynasty" season : "the fallen pharaoh curses the people" Great post it worth it, but take care of your eyes now ! Otherwise we won't be able to read you no longer :(

  3. get well soon zeinobia I am waiting for your great posts

  4. Please stop making a big deal out of this, it had nothing nationalistic about it or Egypt vs Tunisia.... football fans will be football fans and you can never change that. football fans do not think like you even the Tunisian football fans aren't making such a big deal out of it but we always turn stupid matches into a diplomatic matter..there should be no apology not because what happened was wrong but because it's too damn silly to associate those matches to the countries and mutual relations, and what's the stupid apology to Algerians too, the referee would have got beaten up regardless of where he came from, even if he was a messenger from God...footballs fans would have got him anyways. that's why they are called hooligans.
    good grief, If i can only count the mnumber of riots on European clubs matches or UFEA and not a single country would publish an apology? apologise for what exactly??

    Let;s stop being stupid Arabs and keep sports out of politics. If an Egyptian beats up a Tunisian in football's only because they are rivals during that halftime and has nothing to do with their nationalities the exact same thing happens between ahly and zamaleks and national leagues in Tunisia... Grow up people or simply go to a football match, maybe you will understand what firms is all about

  5. I do not agree, you must make a big deal out of this and stop the usual practice of hiding. The event reflects not only football behaviour but poor behaviour in general. People around the world see Arabs as people who never had respect for each other, and this episode only enhances that myth even further. In this sporting event especially after a revolution shared by both, it should have been an opportunity for both people to celebrate and congratulate each other. In this case sport must be put aside to enjoy being there together after the hardship of the revolutions no matter who wins, its a celebration event or at least considered as such. So here irrespective of the sport It is respect and brotherhood which must have prevailed no matter who wins. The Tunisians were guests, and I knew many Tunisians in the US, very highly skilled people most of them graduates with PHD's and very friendly and humain,they must have been shocked by this and many of them will have a bad impression, so why did you treat them like that if it was not for lack of respect as a host? Football however is a sport like no other, it has the ability to appeal to the monster in a crowd out of control, I hope that after this sad event
    people in Egypt will change and seek to become better hosts capable of controlling their emotions and the beast in them during football events, what we need to see is to actively demonstrate respect for others.

  6. "Grow up people or simply go to a football match, maybe you will understand what firms is all about"

    looooooooooooool you seem to be justifying what has gone on. Is it cool to be in a firm as you call it?

    why are egyptian football fans copying the worst habits of european football fans?
    Up to a few years ago this stuff didn't go on here, things like white knights and all this bullshit.
    I know getting westernised seems to be the way here but please leave the organised football violence to Europe. As an italian i was hoping not to see egyptians getting involved in this sort of thing.




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