Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Secretary General For LAS "Updated"

The LAS is having a big today and it is not about the Nakba anniversary and what is taking place in the occupied territories whether in Syria or in Palestine but it is about the new secretary general.
The Arab foreign ministers are having a meeting to elect a new secretary general , the race is between the Egyptian candidate “Mustafa El-Feki” and the Qatari candidate “ Abdel Rahman El-Attia”.
“El-Feki” was very busy campaigning whether in Egypt to win the angry front or outside to the level of visiting Damascus asking for Syria’s official vote when El Assad was killing his own people to keep the chair !!
I do not know if it is fate or not but the new secretary general whether the Egyptian candidate or the Qatari candidate will be elected on the anniversary of Nakba and it is not like any previous anniversary. The position of the LAS secretary general now is not a picnic like in the past considering the changes taking the Arab world by storm and also the challenges.
The position of the LAS secretary general this time is like the position of the President of Egypt during at that time , it is to be or not to be. Whether it is El-Feki or El-Attia , it will be one hell of a job. I do not know about El-Attia but knowing El-Feki , well again he will have a golden chance to redeem himself from his previous past in the Mubarak regime and also in the NDP.
If both candidates fail to get enough votes , the voting process will be postponed to next foreign ministers meeting.
More updates to come.
Updates :
Ok this is not good Egypt withdrew its nomination to El-Fiky and nominated instead Nabil El-Araby , oh yes Nabil El Araby is Egypt's official nomination in less than couple of hours when El-Fiky began to lose votes. Qatar from its side suddenly withdrew its candidate , now it is Nabil El-Araby.
I am too mad , too furious actually for this decision . Dr.Nabil El-Araby is too promising and you can see how he restored our relations with Africa , with Arab countries and also with Iran . Of course this bothered a lot of Arab countries that did not want him along with Israel.
Just from 15 minutes ago the foreign minister of Bahrain announced on twitter that the Arab FMs agreed on Nabil Fahmy as the next secretary general :(
Here is the moment they announced that Nabil El Araby as the next LAS secretary general 

Just look to the facial expressions of Nabil El Araby , I will leave it to you :(
Here is his speech and I do not see a happy man. Already he did not prepare a speech and just went on air like that.

Here is our favorite photo for El Araby in Tahrir square
Now after calming down I will try to be optimistic , El Araby would not have achieved all he had achieved in that short time from shift in our policies if he was not supported by the SCAF so I will assume that the SCAF will keep our regional policies adopted by El Araby. Of course we all know that the SCAF did not sell El Araby or send him to exile but to protect the position if they choose someone like him or even better than him for this position.


  1. there are "rumors" about el Arabi instead of Fiki any confirmed news ??

  2. The LAS is proving to be less relevant by the day.

  3. I agree with "Perfectionatic", I see this as a demotion for El Arabi.

  4. Sudanese Optimist5/15/2011 07:47:00 PM

    I think that Khartoum's adamant refusal not just to back Dr. Al-Fiqy but even to receive him in the country must have had some bearing on the decision to ditch him in favour of Dr. Al-Arabi.

    Dr. Al-Arabi has a stellar and distinguished record as a career diplomat and public international lawyer.

    The entire region has changed.

    I don't know why you are disappointed, surely the Arab League will be more in tune with the wider popular consensus of the youth in the Arab world, as well as in Egypt.

    I'm sure Egypt has a wealth of experienced, seasoned diplomats who are capable of steering its Foreign policy.

    Dr. Al-Arabi is an acceptable Sec Gen for all and one that we can be proud of - unlike his predecessor.

  5. I agree Al Araby is a good choice although it is sad to lose him as FM.
    I hope his successor is as good as he was in those few months we had of him.

  6. Sudanese Optimist5/15/2011 09:02:00 PM

    From what I've briefly seen, his successor won't be as successful as him.
    He's not as experienced or charismatic.
    He seems to have an interest in the nuclear energy file.
    But hopefully policy will not depend on individuals...

  7. Haha! one by one they shoot them down. I can't say I'm surprised, the moment El Arabi mentioned Iran he was a goner, the impotent role as Arab League Secretary General is perfect for him.

    Saudi Arabia is really giving it to Egypt, huh?

    har! har!

  8. uck the Arab league, I don't really understand why they did this to the guy especially as this crucial transitional time he should have remainedhead of foreign affairs, I don't understand why this fixation on having arab shit league head from Egypt. The arab people certainly dont give a hoot about this useless organisation or its summits. Very disappointed!

  9. Don't blame anyone but the Egyptian government for the final outcome.

    The Egyptian government:

    Obstinately stuck with unpopular Al-Fiqy as its candidate

    Obstinately lobbied for the post, when 'logic' entails that it should be rotating


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