Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Online War Games v.2 : Friendly Fire

The online war games about the Egyptian army continue , the SCAF has issued from couple of hours ago a new message on its official Facebook page concerning these FB pages threatening our national unity. The SCAF warned about these FB pages and groups along with other websites news and rumors threatening our national unity.
The council states that it traced these pages and found out that they are of anonymous origin in foreign countries , not from Egypt !!
The SCAF also denied the news that it arrested recently a group of revolutionary youth. "Ok when will the current detainees be released !? Where is Mohamed Adel , Amr Eissa and Amr El-Bahairy ?"
Earlier this week the SCAF had to face friendly fire this time from Facebook. It is not angry former army officers FB pages but rather strange Pro-Army strange FB pages dedicated to Field Marshall Tantawy and Lt. General Sami Anan.
From two days ago anonymous army source issued a statement to the the media that the FB Pages of Tantawy and Anan are not official “unlike what used to be claimed in the two page” are not affiliated officially or unofficially from near or far to the army.
This statement was followed by a message in the official page of the SCAF page that was removed after couple of hours !! “It was a red message as well”
The problem of these two FB pages , especially the Anan page was that it used to claim that it is the official page of Anan. Things went out of control and it seems the army began to pay attention to this page when newspapers and websites copied a wall update as a statement issued by Anan. That status update was :
   Message : The Egyptian armed forces are working on achieving the revolution demands and Israel has to put in front of its eyes that most Egyptians demand the cancellations of the peace treaty thus you have to be good neighbors.
There were other status updates like that but this was the last one I read. Honestly I was surprised and did not believe that Anan would issue this statement especially in that language.
The FB pages admin confessed that he did not mean any harm and that he was just an Egyptian young man admiring his military leaders. He also blamed the media for copying the material without checking back.
Needless to say I used to follow this page and I had a question in my mind “Who are you !?” The word “official” which he replaced with “The lovers of Sami Anan” {tacky} does not have any other meaning except this page is officially affiliated with the current chief of staff.
These are the not only interesting pro-Anan/Tantawy FB pages on the Facebook , we got another interesting page we have to wonder about who behind it : Lt.General Sami Anan’s supporting campaign to purify the army from corruption. This is a pro-Sami Anan anti-Tantawy calling Anan to kick Tantawy from the army because he was appointed by Mubarak !! Strangely Anan was also appointed by Mubarak.
Again and again I do not feel comfort in front of all those army related Facebook pages now , it is no longer just a Fan page for the army but it is being used a weapon to spread rumors.

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  1. May be the SCAF should pull out altogether from Facebook coz it seems it's backfiring now ?!
    The SCAF can use press and TV communiques. Believe they would have a more official and hopefully human touch to the whole people of Egypt.@amrazim2808


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