Thursday, May 12, 2011

Undisputed citizenship right

The right to vote is undisputed right for any citizen in the country as long as he has got an Egyptian citizenship. For years Egyptians abroad could not vote in the elections , we have not less than 4 million Egyptians abroad. “I think more considering the fact we used to have one million Egyptian in Libya alone”
I do not need to say that I fully support the rights of Egyptians abroad to vote and I was more than happy when Prime minister Sharaf and some members of the SCAF expressed clearly that Egyptians abroad will vote in the coming elections at the least the presidential for the current time. This is why I am quite surprised for this press leak published in the Al Masry Al Youm then in Al Ahram that the Egyptians abroad will not be granted the right to vote.
Based on anonymous military source in Al Masry Al Youm claimed that the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections while Al Ahram claimed the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Aside from the contradictions in news and promises what was mentioned on behalf of the military source was much more dangerous and offensive to all Egyptians.
In Al Masry al Youm we find this unnamed military source claims that the Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections because of several reasons like the difficulties of organizing such process and that the Egyptians abroad’s vote can be bought !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes the Egyptians who live and work abroad can sell their vote because they actually do not care about the candidate back home !!!!!!
Last time I check the NDP was the one that used to buy votes inside Egypt not outside it … already I do not know why I have to fire back at this useless offensive stupid claim
I do not know how to describe it except it is unaccepted stupid insult to all Egyptians abroad and the SCAF has to apologize or rather to deny it considering the fact it is unofficial statement.
If that military source says that Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections  for technical and logistic reasons , ok it is fine we will understand but I do not understand how dare this source speaks in this way about our brothers and sisters abroad.
The political rights law has not been published yet “despite it was announced that it would be announced this week and this could be just a rumor or even a test balloon to measure the public reaction like that army vote thing.
In less than 24 hours we found Dr.Essam Sharaf who is currently visiting Uganda denying the news indirectly saying that it was rumored that the Political rights law had been approved and that was untrue because such law needed a collective discussion to approve it.

Dr.Essam Sharaf's comment 
Update : Major General Mamdouh Shahin said on TV that the voting right of Egyptians abroad is a constitutional right and that we have to wait for the law as it will clarify everything next week.
The Egyptians abroad were furious after reading the news online and they have to be , in fact they should be and it is not about the timing that they are feeling proud after the revolution but because it is an insult to their loyalty. It is not their mistake that they live abroad.
Now I lost my temper yesterday on twitter when I found tweets from some Egyptians abroad saying that ‘Let us cut the transfers and see what the SCAF does about it now in the terrible economic situation’,I feel that I was stabbed by those very few Egyptians in the back in my dignity and my pride as Egyptian. Egypt is not begging and does not want any charity from anyone including her own children.We are not poor nation but Mubarak has turned us in to a poor nation thanks to his policies. What difference it is from these claimed blackmail attempts about Gulf states against Egypt now !?
It is a pressure weapon indeed but I think it is too wrong to use it especially now not to mention it can be used against them by those who are against granting them this right in the Egyptian back home in the media negatively.
Those who favor this weapon says that it is based on the principle that no taxation without representation , well this crappy equation is stupid because voting rights are citizenship rights, basic rights. According to this stupid equation the rich should have better representation than the poor and of course those exempted from taxation should not have got any representation accordingly !!!! It is not about money and your contribution to the economy , this is so wrong. Even if the Egyptians abroad contribute 0% to the Egyptian economy they should be granted this right.
The right to vote is not to be traded with money. Already I am surprised and so offended that money is brought this matter in some sort of blackmail , if you do not give this right , we will cut the money in this critical time !!
Now what to do if the upcoming political rights law is issued without this right :
  • Protests in front of the Egyptian embassies.
  • Protests inside Egypt.
  • Awareness campaigns in Egypt by the importance of this right.
  • The political powers in Egypt
Now regarding the presidential candidate , well Bothaina Kamel retweeted a tweet saying that this issue could be another battle with the SCAF while today ElBaradei who was among the first politicians to call for this right since the days of Mubarak addressed the matter directly in twitter in English and Arabic.
By the way I am so relieved that there are hints that the terrible women quota will be cancelled, everybody knows that this quota was initially made so the NDP would fully control the parliament.
Now back to our issue , again I do not know if it is a test balloon or it is a rumor that was intentionally created in this time.


  1. Salam Zeinoba,

    Thank you for this post. As an Egyptian living abroad I launched a petition to ask for our right to vote.

    It would be good if as many as possible can sign it.

  2. Thanks for your blog on this! Since yesterday, I too have been shocked by the discussion around this issue. What really phased me is that the SCAF thinks that they are the ones in control, and then again ... they are! Of course the mixed immediate reactions were ridiculous, and that is why we need to all stop and think before we speak.

    We keep diverging from the real issues, conveniently, which are that people/citizens don't know what their rights are be they civil, political, social, economic. And that is why these rights are "disputed" what we need to focus on is how to move forward united. the old divide and conquer rule has to end here... old vs. new, young vs. old, sectarianism, citizens inside vs. abroad.

    Egyptian is Egyptian. period.

  3. Most European states and Australia require the citizenship applicants to renounce their original citizenship

    USA does not require official renouncement but it demand its new citizen to stop using their original citizenship

    It is typical practice of Egyptians to re obtain new Egyptians passports and national ID even though they know it is illegal

    How Egyptian who previously renounced their citizenships or other who has dual citizenships will be allowed to vote in the coming Egyptian elections ?

  4. Fine information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and best of luck!
    The immigrant is supposed to go through a simple test of 20 questions and answers are given based on the multiple choices. The applicants must score more than 75% to gain the saint kitts and nevis citizenship of the country so beware while answering the questions, if you strike a wrong answer in 45 minutes of test, you will have to redo your test and more over wait for another appointment date.


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