Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mubarak to Stay in sharm after all “Updated with Trial News”

Update : Ousted/former president Mubarak will stand trial on August 3rd ,2011 !! We do not know if he is going to stand trial in Cairo or Sharm. If I am not mistaken in my calculations this trial will be in the month of  Ramadan , the month of mercy !!! After two months from now !?

Contrary to what I predicted , contrary to what I guess Mubarak will stay in Sharm El Sheikh after all according to the statement of public prosecutor published yesterday. Here are the links of the 2 pages statement : 1 and 2. Needless to say most of the comments on the 2 pages are angry comments , people are not convinced.

Hosni Mubarak is going to stay at Sharm El Sheikh hospital for medical reasons according to the evaluation of the last medical committee that checked him there. Of course when you read the medical reasons that stand against transferring him to Tora prison hospital or any hospital in Cairo , you will wonder how kind the public prosecutor office is with Mubarak unlike other politician prisoners for instance like Dr. Ayman Nour and businessman Khairat El Shatar who had real life threatening illness and were dying to be transferred to proper hospital from Tora prison after long time !!!!

I read from couple of days ago that Mubarak will not be transferred because of this security reasons , I really hoped that the officials or the public prosecutor would include such reason besides the medical reasons. I wished that the minister of interior would tell us why it is impossible from security point of view to transfer him to Cairo !? If Eissawy says that he is afraid from public reaction and anger , I will respect him so much for telling the truth.

This is a provocation to the Egyptians especially in Sinai who are tired for telling the whole world not only the rest of the Egyptian people that they are tired from that unwelcomed guest and his clan along with the lack of security.

I think Ashraf Al Anany , the blogger and poet from Sinai made it clear when he tweeted that :

Keeping Mubarak in Sharm does not only affect negatively on tourism in Sinai but also its stability.

There are rumors that Mubarak will be acquitted or on the verge of escape or he was in the middle of escape attempt but the army busted him. Unfortunately such order is an excellent platform for these rumors to grow. Of course there is trend in Egypt saying that the man is old and sick , we should prosecute him and let stay in this suit as sort of exile  or house arrest. It is worth to mention that men over 70 years old are exempted from death penalty in Egyptian law. Before we speak about any pardon , we must speak about justice , about trials.

The thing is that the more we wait for Mubarak’s trial along his sons and his friend , the more we will have dangerous rumors as well as allegations to the SCAF.


  1. The recent medical report issued is not professional by all standards,to say the least.Do we not all know of SOS medical evacuation for very critical cases to Europe or even America?! He could've been transferred to a military hospital in Cairo or its outskirts!This even far better from a security stand point.Leaving him in Sharm is a pathetic farce that much affects negatively tourism and business there!And they talk bad economy!!We really don't know what's on their minds ???

  2. It will be after ramadan on the fifth of Shawwal after Small Bairam with two or three days !!

  3. but the date makes a lot of sense it's the Jury's vacation in august so they will be totally free to the case and it can't be on the 1st because it's gonna be the 3rd day of the Eid...

  4. Mubarak and most of his regime administrators were the byproduct of the Egypyian army, therefore the army will try anything to soften the outcome of his his fate.

  5. Anonymous said...

    "Mubarak and most of his regime administrators were the byproduct of the Egypyian army, therefore the army will try anything to soften the outcome of his his fate."

    ..while making sure, nothing in his trial implicates anyone in the Army


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