Saturday, June 11, 2011

We did not forget , We will not forgive except .......

Thank you dear Doaa Sultan and your Talk shows team on Al Tahrir TV for reminding us how the talk show stars acted after the second Muabrak’s speech on February 1st, 2011 night and the battle camel on February 2nd,2011
Talk Show on June 10th
It is good to remember how these TV hosts attacked , it is good to remember how they were kissing the Mubarak’s regime ass especially the Adeeb brothers whether Amr or Emad. I did not forget their hypocrisy but it is good to remind the people.
One of the things that make me optimistic in tomorrow  despite these shady times we living in was the support of the people to the revolution despite that horrible systematic anti-revolution campaign adopted by the mainstream media. We have seen the worst directed campaign in those 18 days that reminded me the six days war pre-9th June media coverage in 1967. The people were not fooled , in fact they have not been fooled ever with the Mubarak’s media.
By the way did you catch Tamer of Ghamara’s brother on Al Hayat channel !? Also why did Ahmed Badeir go to the show if he could not hold himself from crying like a teenage girl watching for the first time Titanic !? Also was not the young man who wanted to speak with Dr.Essam Sultan the same young man who appeared in Hany Adel’s famous song Sout El Houreya ” !?

I saw this young man before at Cilantro cafe Tahrir square branch if I am not mistaken.
Nawara was right when she said that Mubarak would have killed all of us if he stayed those 6 months.
We watched only Dream TV 2 when Amar El-Sharae spoke.
Of course there is an ultimate question I can’t ignore : How can anyone tolerate someone like Amr Adeeb !?
On February 1st and 2nd were watching Al Jazeera thank God.
We will not forget , we will not forgive these TV hosts except if they they apologize for their lies.


  1. Ex Mubarak supporters have kissed soooooo many asses in the past that they are easily recognized on the streets of Egypt by the smell of their mouths.

  2. I freaking love that show on Tahrir Tv.

  3. I respectfully disagree. An apology of these media whores doesn't make it. Their sole professional existence is based on appeasing whoever is in power. They are second-class actors read from a tele-prompter, without a cause other their own benefit and interests.

    It is rather naive to believe their fast change of skin is authentic. Their ability of flipping and betting on Egyptians short term memory make them definitely not trust-worthy. What is needed is a fresh new media to lead the public mind and soul bringing a better future.

  4. I am reminded of Mohamed El Naschie's amnesia. Before the revolution he called for Hosni Mubarak to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. After the revolution he completely forgot about that and said it should be awarded to the revolutionaries. He thought no one would notice.


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