Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking News : El Orabi Resigns "Updated"

Mohamed El Orabi , the minister of foreign affairs has resigned from short while ago and according to the Egyptian national TV PM Sharaf has accepted the resignation.
A Screencap for the news on Egyptian TV
The Cabinet's official twitter : The prime minister has accepted the resignation of El Orabi. 
In a statement to Al Masry Al Youm newspaper El Orabi stated that he resigned in order to embarrass Sharaf anymore after reading what was written about him in Facebook.
Now Faiza Abu El Naga’s name is suggested by the media as possible candidate for the position. The political groups and powers suggested other names like ambassador Tahtawy whom I support for this position. Ambassador Tahtawy resigned from his position as spokesperson of Al Azhar during the revolution and supported it publicly
There were rumors that El Araby will be back to his position , I believe they are untrue , this assumption was based on the fact that Sharaf visited El Araby at LAS HQ last week. Already many Egyptians are angry from El Araby’s statements in Syria.
Mohamed El Orabi was appointed on June 26th as FM after El Araby who left the ministry to the Arab league. Ambassador El Orabi was rejected by many political powers in Egypt especially the revolutionaries due to his support to the Mubarak regime. El Orabi used to praise Gamal Mubarak describing him as God’s gift to the Egypt !!
El Salmi 
Now El Orabi resigns , we got one of the major position in the cabinet empty. Up till now we got two new ministers officially : Ali El Salmi and Hazem Bebalwi.Ali El Salmi has been appointed as the minister of investment and deputy prime minister for political development and democratic transition affairs while Hazem Bebalwi has been appointed as the minister of finance and deputy prime minister for economical and financial issues.
Ali El Salmi is a leading member of Al Wafd party , which means we got two members of Al Wafd in the cabinet or to be precise a former member and current member as minister of tourism Fakhri Abdel Nour resigned from the party. Here is El Salmi's official website.  "Arabic"
Interestingly El Salmi was a minister before twice : From year 1977 to 1978 as minister of administrative development "Like Yahia El Gamal" and from year 1978 to 1979 as State minister of supervision and follow up "what ever it was"
Just last week he was being attacked in one of the conferences about the future of education in Egypt as one of those who were responsible for destroying education through private schools as he owns a private school !!!!
El Salmi was the head of the shadow cabinet the party announced before the revolution if you remember.
Dr. Hazem Bebalwi is famous economist whose name was suggested by many political groups and powers lately as a minister of finance. He is widely respected without a doubt and I believe there is a new hope for our economy. Here is Dr. Bebalwi's official website in Arabic.  I am biased to him for real.
There are talks that Dr. Ibrahim Badran will be the new minister of health but there is no confirmation. Dr. Ibrahim Badran will be the oldest member of the cabinet if he accepts the position. He used to be minister of health from 3 decades ago and is considered one of the most popular ministers of health in Egypt. He was the minister of health from 1976 to 1979.
I am totally biased to the man as he is extremely respectable , my late grandfather knew him personally and his late son May Allah bless his soul was our family's dentist.
According to cabinet's spokesperson the new ministerial reshuffle will be announced on Monday.


  1. I would strongly recommend former ambassador Hamdi Saleh for the position. With a PHD from Harvard university and serving in different African countries, I think he would be a good candidate for the position.

  2. A minor correction: El Oraby was appointed on June 26th not 6th

  3. Wow, NEWS NEWS everywhere.


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