Saturday, July 16, 2011

The photo of the day : A Salute to the Martyr

Today was the funeral of 28 years old Mostafa Hassan after 5 months of coma , today the official death toll of revolution martyrs increased by 1.
Today Hassan’s funeral was at Tahrir Square , the funeral started from Kasr Al Aini hospital and ended at Tahrir square before heading to Alexandria, Hassan’s home town. Hassan was not shot down at Arcadia mall in Cairo , he was shot down in Alexandria. 
The funeral of Hassan opened many wounds and reminded us with the young men and women who were killed and wounded by Mubarak’s security forces.
Hassan was treatment’s expenses were not paid by the state as I have known , the expenses were paid by some unknown philanthropist.
In some move I consider it a big one despite it was so simple an army officer from the unit protecting the cabinet HQ at Kasr Al Aini saluted Hassan and the soldiers paid respect to him.
The officer from Paratroopers saluates Hassan
"Youm 7"
I do not know if this move was by higher orders or not but for 30 years thousands and hundreds of Egyptians died in disasters and no one paid respect for them. I remember when 1000 Egyptian drowned and Mubarak celebrated in cold blood our pseudo victory in football !! I remember the rockslide of Doweiqa and how we did not mourn for one hour for those buried alive under their houses !!

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  1. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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