Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sniper over our Rooftop : We misunderstood Eissawy after all !!

The MOI has issued an official statement in its official Facebook page about the snipers of MOI and the denial of Eissawy in the press conference of police reshuffle last. The MOI claims that the words of Eissawy were taken out of context and were twisted. If I understand this statement correctly the MOI does not deny having snipers but it insists that there was no officer in Cairo after January 28th !!!

According to the Statement the Public prosecution was investigating the snipers matter. We want to know through activists lawyers the progress of this case. For sure the public prosecutor will use the fact finding committee’s report in his case which proves that the snipers of MOI were involved in the murder of the protesters.

Now I dedicate to Eissawy and the MOI this video from Al Jazeera international. I believe it was shot on the bloody Wednesday of Camel’s battle.

snipers in Cairo on Wednesday February 2nd

Despite it is a confession but it is not a denial, I believe this change of tone came after the pressure of the media as well as in my point of view a pressure from the army. Again people began to suspect the army’s involvement in the snipers scandal after the constant denials of Eissawy and for sure the army knew this and needed to act quickly.


  1. the army is definitely involved!! lets look at the time line... on Jan 28th Police withdraw all forces and the Republican Guard forces were sent to secure Maspiro and some other Important building around Tahrir... on Jan 29 all the other army forces where in Tahrir and almost every where in Egypt however in Mohammed Mahmoud St. Snipers over MOI were still shooting people from over MOI building... A friend was there and he told me that he was trying to Enter the square on Jan 30th and the army tried to stop him but when they knew his friend was injured they let him in and the army "Officer" told him take care when passing by Mohammed Mahmoud St. cuz there are Snipers shooting over there!!!!
    why would't he as an army officer go and try to stop that sniper? or Deal with him using his weapons? isn't this his role in the Revolution??? isn't this his duty??

    second sign is that video you have there... on Feb 2nd there were only the army on the ground and now sign of Police or any other forces, but a side from that... the place were this shooting took place... its October 6th bridge!! this is very very far awy from MOI snipers.. the sniper had to move and go to a place were he can see the bridge clearly then do the shooting and yet again the army didn't stop him although all army forces were on the ground and he exposed him self using the Laser pointer!!!
    so if you're asking me... my answer is Hell yeah the army is involved and probably some army forces did the shooting too...
    check this video it was taken on April 9th where the army forces cracked down the sit in by force and shot different types of life ammos and Ali Maher ( civilian ) was killed and other 71 Egyptians were injured

  2. the problem is that state security was always a separated section,no one but Habib-el Adli knows everything inside it,they might have snipers and bazookas as well but who knows ,no one can officialy confirm that, because where's the evidences? ,they always kept every thing secret..
    and on the other side,army has sections as powerful as state security with all that mystery inside so we can't ignore them either

  3. I also believe the army is involved, specifically the Republican Guard which some view as a separate unit as it doesn't follow the same chain of command and takes orders directly from the presidential establishment. I think alshaheed Ziad Bakir was one of the victims of the Republican Guard.

  4. as you could listen to the video people claimed that it was the army and there was no way to confirm...


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