Sunday, July 17, 2011

Interim Ministerial Reshuffle follow up : Zahi Hawass has left the building "Updated"

Here are the latest updates regarding the on going ministerial reshuffle :
  • Zahi Hawass has been dismissed from his position , it is confirmed in Original Dostor/Tahrir News. It seems that in his way out Hawass was received by a group of angry archeology students and it was bad scene. He has not addressed the matter yet in his twitter account. There are two names being nominated to replace the renowned archeologist including Dr. Alaa Shahin
  • Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim has been appointed as the minister of telecommunications , I am so happy actually with choice.
Hazem Abdel Azim in front of a burned CSF vehicle 
  • Minister of scientific research Amr Ezzat has resigned from his position
  • Minister of health Ashraf Hatem has resigned from his position.
  • Minister of industry and trade Samir El Sayid has resigned from his position. “Dr. Ahmed Fakry is being nominated to replace him”
  • Minister of finance Samir Radwan has resigned from his position was replaced by Dr. Hazem El Beblawi who stated that the first thing he will work on is the maximum limit of wages.
  • Dr. Ali El Salmi was appointed as minister of investment.
  • The cabinet Spokesperson said that Essam Sharaf chose a minister of foreign affairs but he will not announce his name yet. “I fear it is Nabil Fahmi”
  • Dr. Amr Helmi has been appointed as minister of health according to the official Essam Sharaf Facebook page.Dr. Amr Helmi is a leftist doctor as far as I have known and he has been an activist in "Doctors without rights". He led the march of doctors from the Egyptian medical syndication to Tahrir Square last July 12th. Here is Dr. Amr Helmi. 

  • Dr. Moatez Khorshid has been appointed as the minister of high education. Here is his CV in English , you will need a PDF reader.
  • Minister of transportation Atef Abdel Hamid has been dismissed and Dr. Ali Zein El Abdeen Heikal has been appointed instead of him. 
  • Minister of agriculture Hadid has resigned and was replaced by minister/ Dr. Saleh El Sayid Farag. 
  • Minister Mohsen El Nomani of local development has resigned and is replaced by Judge Mohamed Atia  , Judge Mohamed Ati was the man who issued the historical rule to kick the university guards and to stop the export of gas to Israel. He also headed the referendum committee if you remember. 
Judge Atia 
  • Minister Abdel Fatah El Bana'a has been appointed as the new minister of antiquities , he was the professor of antiquities in Cairo university. 
  • Dr. Ahmed Fakry has been appointed as the new minister of industry and trade , he used to be the CEO of the exporting council for engineering industries "whatever it was" 
  • The minister of justice and the minister of interior are going to keep their positions according to the latest leaks, it is not a big surprise though. 
  • Dr. Ali Ibrahim Sabri was appointed as minister of military production. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we got rid from Siyad Mashal at last" 
  • Ambassador Mohamed Kamel Amr as the minister of foreign affairs
  • Mr. Lotfy Mustafa Kamal as minister of civil aviation. 
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fadeel as minister of  Awkaf.  


  1. Great news, but one should be honest to self and ask why now, why not earlier? This is so late, these new ministers probably does not find their offices before the election shuffle comes along and replaces them with elected ones. Mostly useless.

    This time around SCAF might have listened Sharaf but here in lies the problem: Sharaf is too nice guy, he didn't seek to choose his cabinet in the first place and instead abide by the SCAF's leadership. He should have said honestly that his hands are tied by the SCAF (thus pressuring SCAF), he could not even choose his deputy PM.

  2. I have mixed feelings about Hawass leaving. I know the protestors are angry with him & I did see a video of him backing Mubarak during the jan25 demonstrations (the man is opinionated and doesn't know how, nor when, to bite his tongue.) That was certainly a massive mistake. But he is the face of Egyptian history as seen internationally on the Discovery Channel & seems to do what he can to promote the country & tourism. I'm sure he will be offered a job by a TV station & do well for himself, but I think his future life in Egypt is probably at risk. He might be considered persona non grata now.

  3. @vagabondblogger As a french citizen, I can tell you egyptian history has no other face than Giza's pyramids and Karnak's temple ;) (ok I don't have Discovery Channel, so I only know Zahi Hawass as a corrupted minister and not a tv-presenter). Anyway, tourists will not stop coming to egypt cause Zahi Hawass is not in the government, I'm pretty sure they didn't even know he was in the first place...
    For the rest, I don't know the guy, but I heard activists it was a real revolutionary reshuffle so I can only rejoice. Ta7ya Masr :)

  4. No women? what a disgrace! Revolution my ass!!

  5. Zahi Hawass has been commissioned to start in a new TV Hollywood Indiana Jones series specially tailored for geriatric audiences.

  6. Make no mistake as a German I can only confirm what my French friend said. Hawass was a clown posing as a copy of Indiana Jones, pretending being a scientist.

    Egypt is forever - Hawass is a staircase wit of history. The students gave him a worthy farewell kick.

  7. @Anonymous: Yes, he was corrupt & I heard he was very close to Suzanne Mubarak (another one of his problems). He's a self promoter (thus why I believe he will do well after this). You are right, people come to Egypt to see the Pyramids & Luxor. That's nice, but it should be noted that these same people don't get to know the Egyptian people either. They are tourists, here to see & experience the visitation ritual, but not the human connection. Many are rushed through the sites so quickly, they are exhausted and don't actually get to soak in the monumental undertaking & history behind the antiquities. They end up leaving exhausted & able to say, "yes, I visited Egypt."

    BTW, Discovery Channel of which I speak, is a UK TV channel, that we receive in Egypt, & elsewhere in the ME as subscribers to the Showtime/Orbit Network. Yes, we see this channel in the USA as well, but it is not as heavily advertised as in the ME. They actually have some brilliant ads (& as far as I've seen, without Zahi.)

  8. For 14 years I have worked to locate the fortress of Baal Zephon and even more - the Ark of the Covenant. The History Channel has covered my research (see, but Zahi Hawass has been the sole opposition to my work and that of others who are linked to Biblical Archeology. The reasons for why I think the Ark of the Covenant is in the area of the Zuqba Peninsula that juts into Lake Bardawil in the Northern Sinai are found on my site at Hawass was born 6 days after me 1947. If he has finally been removed from office, perhaps I may yet be granted a permit to check the sites where I think we will find the Ark and (7 miles north of it, in shallow water) the fortress of Baal Zephon. The archeological treasures that I seek will belong to Egypt if found there, but the knowledge will belong to the world. I pray that the replacement of Hawass will be an honest and open minded person.

  9. I wonder how long will the new government? "Revolutionaries" in a month again require new ministers? Crowd insane with chaos reigns Tahrir in Egypt.

  10. Who should know tourists? Souvenir sellers who go in droves for the tourists to the tomb and hinder? Children who steal from their pockets? Employees of hotels, which after the Revolution forgot about the rules of conduct and decorum? Taxi drivers robbing tourists? Sellers in the souvenir shops, swear tourists?Towns became a refuge for thieves and robbers, the dirt on streets.You not appreciate the cleanliness and order, all mired in the chaos and filth.

  11. In 2008, virtually all future Egyptian revolutionaries were participants in a seminar in New York on the use of technological and social networks "for ...

  12. Only the Americans love Hawass : )
    Pompous, arrogant, opinionated, big headed, show off. Glad he is gone.
    He was so arrogant on Jazeera saying he would be aquitted over the bookshop scandal. i hope he does have to serve his year hard labour to shut his big mouth for once.

  13. Mr Roffman

    I am glad to read about this.
    I hope you succeed in this.
    I will check your link

  14. Roffman

    was Hawass right to keep you out?

    If you find the ark will you want your zionist government to invade Sinai !!!!!

  15. I am an American, and Hawass rubs most people here the wrong way. He is a showman for sure, but does not deliver the goods. I have heard that people trying to get in to Egypt to see specific areas in the pyramids and temples are charged outrageous amounts of money that he's not accounted for to the Egyptian people, that he denies access to researchers without reason and in general has built up a nice income for himself in his positon. I would like to know if the government and Egyptian people have gotten down to the truth of whether or not he was also stealing artifacts and selling them. I am sorry to hear he has been released from jail. I truly hope that he will be investigated thoroughly and that all artifacts and unaccountable money is returned to the Egyptian people.


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