Thursday, July 7, 2011

#July8 : What do we want !?

Some people are asking why you are going to Tahrir and what your demands are , these are logic questions that must be asked because all of us do not like protesting every weekend because we love to protest but as long as we do not have a free democratically elected parliament this is the only way as people to express their demands to SCAF after all those months.

The lion of Egyptian revolution

The people want the following demands and I actually chose the revolution youth coalition’s list of demands because it includes all the demands I found in other lists in one list.

Here is the list which is made of Change demands , Social justice demands , freedom demands and security demands.

Change Demands :

  • Enforcing the powers of the prime minister especially in cleaning the cabinet , the ministries and the institution from Mubarak’s regime along with issuing and revising laws and legalizations.
  • To ban the the members of NDP from any political activity for two parliamentary sessions. “P.S the NDPians have made at least three parties so far”

Social Justice demands :

  • Minimum and maximum limit for salaries and pensions.
  • Revising the general budget and increasing the education and health budgets.
  • To speed up the compensation of the martyrs’ families and the wounded.
  • To speed up the freezing and restoring of our stolen assets.

Freedoms demands :

  • To protect the families of the martyrs and the wounded from the blackmail of the officers of MOI in order to give up their rights.
  • The full support to found independent unions and to issue a unions law. To dissolve the current labor union.
  • To support the independence of judicial system and to suspend the procedures that slow the process of justice
  • To stop the military trials and to prosecute the civilians in front of their judge.

Security demands :

  • To restructure the ministry of interior and to rehabilitate the officers and soldiers. To have a judicial supervision over the police force and to suspend all those officers accused of torture
  • To suspend all the officers accused of killing the protesters till they are proved innocent.
  • To punish all those officers who are doing job as they should by early retirement and to hire graduates from other universities as this will help the police force to return back to its civil role. 

Now tell me : Do we ask much !?

Again we are protesting on a weekend and even if there will be a sit in “and there will be” , it will not harm the economy of the country as you think. Just remember in those 18 days the economy was not harmed by the protests or Tahrir sit in but rather with the communicaiton blockage and the lack of security. Who ordered the internet and mobile phone lines to be cut !? Who ordered the police to leave their positions !? The Mubarak regime not the protesters

Just as expected the Muslim brotherhood announced their participation in the protest. Potential presidential candidate Amr Moussa supports the protest but he warns from vandals . Potential presidential candidate Abdullah El-Ashal also supports the protest.

The cabinet has asked the protesters to keep the sit in peaceful. Now it is very interesting that the cabinet recognizes the day as a sit in despite still not all the political powers have agreed on having a sit in. The ministry of health announced that it took its precautions and hospitals in down town are on alert. I do not know why there is an expectation

Original Dostor published the locations from which there will be protests in Cairo , Alexandria , Suez, Mansoura, Port Said, Sharkia, Sohag and Hurghada. The protests will head from mosques and churches to major squares.

There is a new name for the Friday protest : The persistence Friday. I still prefer to call it “The revolution First Friday”

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  1. HI THERE! thanx for updates and point of view!
    pls clarify the last point... maybe there is a NOT missing? - [....officers who are NOT doing job ... ] ...or I do not get it!

    •To punish all those officers who are doing job as they should by early retirement and to hire graduates from other universities as this will help the police force to return back to its civil role


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