Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suez on Fire : Back to torture case

It has been sometime now when we hear about a torture case at a police station in Egypt but what you know , some habits do not just stop !!

This morning we found out the city of Suez woke up or rather did not sleep because 6 protesters including famous activist/poet Mohamed El Tamsah were tortured at Suez police station were tortured and humiliated for hours !!

The story started when two of the protesters on hunger strike fell ill and had to be transferred to the hospital. Poet El Tamsah was the first in the city to start a hunger strike and decided to accompany them along with other 5 protesters. While filing a medical report in the hospital with their cases , the protesters found a police officer insulting them badly. According to one version of the story Poet El Tamsah called the governor to report him the incident and the governor advised him to fill a complaint against that police officer. When El Tamsah and other protesters went to the police station to fill a report , they found the police officers detained , insulting and torturing them !!!

Another version of the story says that while the protester were at hospital they found a person claiming to be a military intelligence officer asking them to head to the police station to discuss some matters. When the protesters headed to the police station , they found it as set up

Now the big surprise was that that so-called military intelligence officer was not from the army but rather a police officer that was identified by the people there according to sources in Suez from activists.

The army did not attack the protesters so please stop spreading rumors in twitter please.

Either ways The police officers did not release the protesters except when people began to gather in to the police station demanding their release and for fear of an attack they released them.

The police officers told the protesters that they would force them to return back to their hiding place like rats !!!!

Here is a video showing the traces of torture signs over the body of one of the protesters.

Poet Mohamed El Tamsah is insisting to continue his food strike though the hot weather. You may have met the daughter of El Tamsah “Jihad”on ONTV last Thursday night along with our Loai Nagati and Magy.

The people of Egypt and July 8th.

It is not enough to change high ranks , you got a sick mindset among the small ranks that need to be break down , this mindset of master-salve relation with the public !!

Anyhow the governor attacked quickly along with the commanders of police in the city and apologized to El Tamsah and the rest of the protesters who decided to have a sit in at the police station demanding their rights and dignity back. The protesters filled an official report and the sit in at Suez police station was over but the anger or rather the fury is still on in Suez before another Friday.

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