Thursday, August 18, 2011

Egyptian X-file : And I though that Mowafi was Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !!

I remember that heated interview for Libyan dissident and NTC executive member Mahmoud El Shamam on Al Hurra TV when he said that Safwat Al Sherif aka Mowafi was the Qaddafi’s man in Egypt and that the day would come when Safwat Al Sherif pays for the crimes he participated in against the Libyan people. Of course the day came already and Safwat Al Sherif is paying and insh Allah will pay for the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people before the Libyan people.
Now after the continuing fall of the Qaddafi regime  we found out that Mowafi was not the only Qaddafi’s man in Egypt as according to Abdel Rahman Shalgam , the former FM of Libya and its UN representative Omar Soliman was also Qaddafi’s man in Egypt !! It does not surprise because I remember that the file of Libya was transferred to Soliman and the man made Qaddafi forgive Abu Mazen in last Arab Summit in 2010.
From a month ago Shalgam had a very interesting interview with Al Hayat newspaper that no one hinted to despite its importance. The importance of that interview was the direct accusation of Shalgam to the Egyptian intelligence of standing behind the disappearance of Mansour Kekhia directly. The former Libyan envoy claimed that the GIS allegedly kidnapped him and transferred him to Libya where he was executed. I think you know why it was ignored.
If your remember years later following the disappearance of Kekhia in Egypt , the CIA concluded that the GIS was involved in the disappearance and Mubarak went furious and accused them of fabricating lies to release Azzam Azzam. Well If the GIS had been truly involved in such operation ,  I think the CIA could have known about it since 1994 but kept it as a secret till they would find the perfect to use it against Mubarak and Egypt ; the perfect time was during the imprisonment of Azzam Azzam.
This file will be brought back sooner or later , our national security demands us to have a great solid relations with the new upcoming republic in Libya insh Allah aside from Egypt’s responsibilities towards the Arab world as a true leading country. We have ask questions even if we do not get an answer , even if we get answers that we will not like.
The Mubarak regime support Qaddafi , of course he was the cash cow for Mubarak and God knows how many Egyptians have been killed in the second war of independence in Libya now , so it is just sad to let Mubarak’s evil and stupid regional policies to destroy our relation with the Arab people. “Screw the Arab regimes.”

On behalf of myself I apologize for the Kekhias either ways  the and the Libyan people for the support the Mubarak regime presented to Qaddafi all those years.
There are many Egyptian X-Files as well as the Arabic X-Files that re-opened again in a way I can’t imagine after the fall of Mubarak’s regime.
Back to Omar Soliman Al Masry Al Youm’s investigative team made a very interesting report. From couple of days ago we found out that Omar Soliman amazingly became no.1 in the presidential candidates poll held by SCAF “that was actually closed”. It turned out that there is electronic voting fraud organized by a group hired by unknown lady for money to support the former vice president who has not declared his intentions to run for presidency. Al Masry Al Youm team can’t declare the sources they used to relocate the IPs but our Egyptian geeks took the leads and found interesting information from technical issues which I can’t explain well. All what I care is that some of the leads we got that many of the Facebook accounts in this small NDP e-voting scandal is connected to CAIRA appliances company !!? I do not know if the owner is a NDPian or Soliman supporter or what.
P.S :
BY the way a historical info I know from my personal sources , Qaddafi wanted Saleh Nasser to work with him in Libya and Anwar Sadat saved Libya from both men together.

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