Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “9”

And here is our ninth tale with Princess Badr Al Budur /Princess Nasin tale , it is getting exciting by the minute for real.

After knowing that the man in front of him is Abu Farag , Ramsh El Ain began to understand from the mystical man in front of him. Abu Farag is  from the Jinn that believe in God just like Nasin yet he is on the run just like the rest of his people who suffer from the evil demon Shatb “who will marry Nasin”. That demon posses a huge power that can’t be conquered due to a some magical ring , still that magical ring can be destroyed by even more powerful mystical objects : The sword and the seal of the King Al-Samandal which are buried in his magical tomb whose gate does not allow anyone in except when a specific star appears in the sky.

Inside the tomb he will find lions and snakes guarding the tomb but he will not be harmed one because he is the chosen one. Now how did Abu Farag know that he is the chosen one , well in his search for a solution to help his help against evil Shatb he found an old scripture saying that chosen one to carry Al-Samandal’s sword was the first man to drink from a magical well and thus Abu Farag became a water seller roaming in the land waiting for the chosen one.

Aha I forgot Ramsh El Ain was not interested in getting the seal and the sword and fighting Shatb till he knew that the evil demon will marry his beloved Jinn princess.

Now to save the princess he must seek the help of Amhat, the old guard of Nasin. Amhat is currently with Nasin telling her to reject Shatb as a husband in front of their priest. Tomorrow insh Allah we will know how Amhat will get to Ramsh El Ain and how they will stop that marriage and save the day.

You can see here another 1001 themes being used by Taher Abu Fasha : The Seal of Solomn , fate and the chosen one or the awaited messiah.  You can also find a recurring character which is the king Al-Samandal who was mentioned in the original Arabian nights book as powerful king from the kings of sea world in “Julnar the Sea-Born and Her Son King Badr Basim

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