Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Syrian Revolution :Mubarak wants El Assad to step down !! “Graphic +18”

In the old bad days 
Tunisia has recalled its ambassador from Damascus , it is not longer Gulf Arab countries, it is also Tunisia , The Tunisia of Sidi Bou Zid. There is news that the Syrian ambassador has left Ankara. Russia is concerned about its military base in Tartus. UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said in a statement to Reuters that the 26 non-essential international staff members and their families had left Syria.
Now Al Gomhouria Daily claims that Mubarak is criticizing the El Assad regime from his suit in the international health center and wants Bashar El Assad to step down and to listen to his people based on a close source to him !!
I hate to say that Mubarak got a record no Arab leader has broken yet : Over 850 martyrs and thousands of injured in 18 days across the country  !! Of course we have to wonder how the newspaper knew or even why we have to read this insulting news whether as Egyptians. Anyhow back to Syria , Syria wa bas.
There are random arrests taking place in Latakia today . More Palestinians are being killed on daily basis along the Syrians. The houses of Palestinian families are being torched down by Syrian army , at least three families in the morning. The Syrian army and the Shabiha in Latakia are currently using the ambulances in their operations
The Syrian army currently takes some of the civilian dead bodies  in the street and reportedly and dress them like military to be filmed like army’s martyrs.The snipers are still on the rooftops “May they lose their sight” in coastal beautiful city. Here is a video uploaded last August 16,2011 showing the snipers over the rooftops
Latakia : The snipers over the rooftops
There is a random arrests campaign taking place as well in Al Hula , Homs.
Here is a video showing the traces of the shelling in Hama , in ICU unit of a hospital there. It was uploaded on August 16,2011
Hama : Traces in shelling in Hama
Here is a video showing a teenage boy injured by direct shots , the video was uploaded on August 13th. The teenage boy is believed to be from El Raml region.
Here is a child injured by a bomb in a video uploaded on last August 15th.
Latakia : Injured toddler
Here are photos and a video clip from Hama showing the traces of shelling in residential areas.
Hama : The shelling presidential area.

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