Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “8”

And here is the 8th night of our on going adventure of Princess Badr Al Budur or rather Princess Nasin now.

This is the episode “The search of Abu Farag” !! Now Prince Ramsh El Ain takes a ship to the search for the Mystical “Lovers” Island in the sea which no sailor has ever heard about. Still the sailors tell him the only way to find the island is to ask Abu Farag , who comes from the world of dead to save those drowning !! “A little pirates of Caribbean here”

In the other world of Jinn Princess Nasin is brought to her father’s court by evil demon Shatb and confesses that she loves a human , a believer as she describes him.  Her father decides to punish her by forcing her to marry Shatb the following week “ You have to lower the volume in this part coz sweet Karima Mokhtar’s voice is quite high

Back to the human world expectedly Ramsh El Ain’s ship sinks but he does not drown , he swam till found the shore of unknown island. There he found surprisingly the water seller whom he and Nasin once drank water from. “ A little Lost mood here”

When Ramsh El Ain asks that old man about Abu Farag , he suddenly cries and then tells him that he will find him at the next bank “I did not get what bank” and that it will take him 10 years to get there. Still there is a short cut , he should find some mystical creature in the island before the sunset and ride in order to get to the other side. Ramsh El Ain does what the old man told him to do and manage to the other bank where yet there he found no one expect the old water seller who still cries. Searching for mystical Abu Farag , Ramsh El Ain finds out the old Water seller is actually Abu Farag !! 

It is so Lost without doubt !!

By the way summarizing the episode in English is so tiring.

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