Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Syrian Revolution : Ramadan Massacre or rather Massacres "Graphic 18+"

How many massacres have been committed by El Assad regime so far in Syria since the start of the holy month of Ramadan alone !? How many massacres have been committed by El Assad regime so far in Hama, Homs and Latakia ? How long the world will keep watching these on going massacres in silence ? How long Syria and Syrians will be just like Libya and Bahrain a part of the game of nations and international powers !?
Of course now the charade is over for those Pan Arab Nationalists who are still defending as El Assad regime as the only standing regime against the Zionists or against Israel , well guess what the Syrian Arab army is like the IDF : It commits massacres in the Palestinian refugee camps !! I want to hear those Arab nationalists open their mouth now !!
Now it is not only Salafists or radical or militant gangs but Palestinians trying to have Islamist principality in Latakia , in Raml refugee camp according to Syrian TV !! "Please report their page to Facebook". The Syrian government denied at first that thousands have fled despite the UNRWA officially stated that 5,000 refugees have fled the death camp.
10s of Palestinian have been reportedly killed including women and men , of course there will be children as well , it will not be a big shock after all the Syrian children are being killed day and night for months now !!

Here is another shocking video of little Ola Gabalawy after being shot directly by a sniper in her head ,This is an extremely graphic footage , You can't watch it please do not.
For the fourth day in roll the shelling of Latakia continues at the same time Hama and Homs are facing the hell on earth. The tanks have not left Hula in Homs yet !!

Here is a video , a compilation of video clips showing the injured and the dead in the hospitals of Homs Monday August 15,2011. "Graphic content +18"
The Shabiha and the army soldiers in Latakia are reportedly do not let the families get the bodies of their relatives from the streets and hospital to burn the bodies as well as to throw in to the sea.
The snipers are still on the rooftops in Latakia , Homs and Hama.
Here is an extremely graphic video "+18" showing a lady called Elham Bakdash from

Here is another terrible video from Hama on August 3rd , showing young protester trying to pull the dead body of another protester from the street away form the snipers. "Graphic content +18"
Tonight currently there are night protests in several cities in Syria including Idlib, Deir ez Zor,Aleppo, Huran and Damascus.
Ironically last August 14th was the anniversary of the end of the first military coup in Syria , the first military coup in the Arab world by Hosny El Azim faced another military coup violently. I believe the story of military rule in the Arab in the 20th century started in Syria and insh Allah it will end there , it end there very soon.
Of course there are fears that it will end by some kind of Turkish invasion to Syria especially after the Turkish warning to Damascus to stop immediately the military operations against the civilians. You must know there are questions in Turkey now about the Kurdish in Syria and the impact of the revolution on the complicated Kurdish Turkish conflict. Based on what I have seen despite being marginalized for decades especially in the Baath regime the Syrians accept the Kurdish Syrians as part of multi-ethnic society more than ever now. The Syrian people are trying to stress on the unity of their society with their different religions and ethnicity. Turkey now announced a new buffer zone between on the borders.
At last George Gallowawy at last spoke about Syria , only after the attack on the Palestinian refugee camps !! The Time magazine along other international websites have began to remember the bloody massacres of Hama and Homs.
Abdul Fatah Jandali , the Syrian American political science professor better known in the world as the biological father of Steve Jobs 'Oh yes Steve Jobs is half Syria' wrote a very touchy op-ed in Al Hayat Newspaper in Arabic , it title "This Hama I know and Homs , its sister"
A group of Turkish hackers announced that they will target several official Syrian websites in solidarity
I am waiting for the day , I hear and watch TV shows and radio shows from Cairo say "From Damascus" , I want to hear and see this very soon as this is what Egypt should do from long time. Sorry Dear Syria , I know you need strong Egypt besides you , unfortunately we have not recovered yet from 30 years of Mubarak's rule. 

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