Monday, August 15, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies “ُEp.7”

I think you probably hate me now for the constant delays, well I apologize but the current events and updates in Egypt make it sometimes hard for me to publish anything light. 

I believe Scheherazade herself will not be able to enchant her king Shahyar every night in this way if the kingdom is facing what Egypt is facing currently.

First of all, you should refresh your memory and remember what happened last time.  

Shahyer and Sheherzade from  Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Shahyer and Sheherzade from 
Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments

Anyhow it is never too late, today is the seventh night of our tale “Princess Badr Al Budur and the sultan of gypsies” or rather the fourth night with the tale of “Princess Nisan and Prince Ramesh El Ain”

As we have stopped last time, Prince Ramesh El Ain decided to descend and go underground through a hatch to find a magnificent city underneath “the hatch was something like stargate but a stargate between human and jinn world” as well as the curlew that he followed turned in to his beloved princess Nasin.

Ramesh El Ain followed Nasin and her guard “Amhat who turns into a camel and a horse based on the situation” to her palace where he found how much she loved him. 

Nasin and Amhat found him after he fainted and decided to do what a wise man told them: To let Ramesh El Ain find the princess “He actually did”. The two jinns decided to put him back to sleep and return him back to the human world in order to find his way to the princess again. “Maybe they found this was too easy for him”

Now Nasin drew on his arm a map of her location “in a mystical island called lovers island”  using Henna and Amhat transferred back to the human world. 

The next day the prince showed his father and entourage the map on his arm to prove he was sane and to start his quest.  On the other hand, Princess Nasin was kidnapped by an evil demon who wants to marry her by force. “Her dad seems to be ok with it.

If you forgot the wise reciter is giving Princess Badr Al Budur’s advice on how to free his daughter princess from the captivity of gipsies.

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

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