Monday, August 15, 2011

Mubarak’s Children threat to use violence , What are you going to do !?

Here is a nice video for the Mubarak’s children outside the police academy today where the Mubarak’s trial was held.

Mubarak’s Children will bring down the jail !!

The first chant was : If they imprison you , we will bring down the jail. Is not this a clear inciting for violence and breaking the law !? It is not the first time.This is even more dangerous than a tweet misinterpreted and badly rephrased in Arabic, this is a clear incitation approved by not only one or two but a group of people in day light not on social media !! 

I want justice in law , I want the Mubarak’s children to be treated like Asmaa Mahfouz and Loai Nagati. If you want to apply the law , apply equally and justly. By the way I want them to be investigated in front of the natural judge , the civilian judge. “Unlike them”

You must know the Mubarak’s children go to poor areas and give the people money and Ramadan food bags in order to show up in their protests. It is not surprise for me , the old NDP is still alive and is fooling around.


  1. Shocking scenes at the court today.

    First why can lawyers not sit down and stop behaving like animals?!!
    It is truly disgusting to watch these so called lawyers acting like wild animals when the whole world is watching them. Have they no shame at all????

    Second why are the Mubarak sons allowed to stand duing the hearing? It is very disrespectful to law and to the judge. They should be made to sit down and stand when addressed. The arrogance is amazing especially when Ala'a put his hand on one camera outside to stop themn filming the pharaoh being put in the ambulance.

    Third why ios the pharaoh not on a chair or wheelchair?
    There is not need for him to be on a bed. He lies there like Pharaoh on his couch!!
    If he can't get out of bed then put a catheter into him so he can't go to the toilet and keep him in a bed. This is all show!

    For God's sake I wish these so called professionals called lawyers would act a bit professional. It was a disgrace to see them all sitting staring and smiling at the cameras. Have they no shame? Is this some kind of joke? They all should have been removed and a couple of spokesmen who know how to behave be allowed into the court and represent them.
    It was like something out of a very bad comedy!!!

    An absolute disgrace!

  2. These thugs need to be rounded up and thrown in prison alongside their 'father and brothers' in Tora.The police need to accept no nonsense at all from them and arrest the lot of them and charge them with public damage to property and creating unrest.
    I'd like to know what foreign governments parts are in this.
    Is Saudi financing them for fear of democracy creeping over their shores to them?

  3. Yes those lawyers at the end of the hearing walking on top of the benches and tables. Shocking............
    It's was like watching the typical ignorant nouveau riche class Egyptian families in Mac Donalds with their 6 children walking and climbing on the tables whilst people are eating. Throwing their rubbish on the floor.
    No manners and no respect for others.
    Egyptians have a big hill to climb to learn manners and respect as a basic in society.
    What a hill they have to climb if lawyers who are supposed to be educated act like that.


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