Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid greetings from Dr. ElBaradei and other presidential candidates as well

Now speaking about Eid greetings.
This was the first Eid greetings I have seen so far from Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.

ElBaradei’s Eid Message
Dr. ElBaradei congratulates us in Egypt , he is currently abroad but he will come back after the Eid to start a new local tour in Upper Egypt. Dr. ElBaradei will start his tour with Aswan insh Allah. I love the message of ElBaradei ,it is full of hope and optimism.
And to prove that Dr. ElBaradei’s supporters and fans are not fanatic to the level of “have their own Ultras” here is a compilation of greetings by  other presidential candidates on twitter.
Dr. Amre Mousa sent his greeting in 3 tweets. The first tweet was about how he expressed his warmest wishes for the citizens of Egypt asking God to return back the feast on Egypt when we achieve milestones in democracy and reform.
The second tweet he expresses his warmest wishes for the Islamic and Arab nations while the third tweet he sends a special greeting to the families of the revolution and Sinai martyrs. 

تقدم بتحية خاصة الى اهالى شهداء الثورة وشهداء سيناء. ادعو للشهداء بالرحمة ولنا جميعا حسن العزاءMon Aug 29 12:43:11 via web

Of course we will see his pictures tomorrow eating cookies with some working class family in some popular country and giving the Eidia money to children.
Dr. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh is a bit formal as he congratulates the Egyptian , Arab and Islamic nations in a small message in his official website. Former Lt.General Magdy Hatata was also a bit formal in his greetings posted in his official Facebook page just like Abu El Fatouh except that he added that he wishes that next Eid the country will be stable and secure under a wise leadership and strong constitution based on fair democratic basis.
Hamdeen Sabhi congratulated the nation with beautiful words.

نحتفل بأول عيد فطر بعد الثورة نشعر فيه بحريتنا وكرامتنا بفضل دماء شهدائنا الأبرار. التهنئة والتحية لكل أمهات وأسر الشهداءMon Aug 29 17:43:53 via web
We are celebrating the first feast after the revolution , we feel our freedom and dignity thanks to the blood of our martyrs. Greetings to the martyrs’ families and martyrs.
Of course tomorrow there will be pictures of our candidates while praying among people the Friday prayers. I apologize if I did not include other potential presidential candidates' greetings.
Now SCAF has issued a new message, the long waited message no. “73” :
SCAF , the Egyptian army , its officers and soldiers express their sweet wishes and congratulations to the great Egyptian people in the blessed Eid , may God return it on our beloved Egypt with welfare and blessing.
PM Sharaf congratulated field marshal Tantawy , Lt. general Sami Anan and the Egyptian people "in that arrangement". The ministry of interior did not congratulated the Egyptian people.
Now in the end I would like to share this tweet from Egyptian writer Belal Fadl on his twitter account :

وإنتو بتعيدوا على أهالي الشهداء ماتنسوش أبدا الشهيد المبتسم ادعوا له ولكل شهداءنا اللي ادوا لمصر أول عيد في تاريخها من غير فرعونMon Aug 29 20:11:46 via web
Do not forget when you congratulate the families of the martyrs  the face of the first smiling martyr  , pray for him and all our martyrs who gave Egypt the first time in her history a feast without a pharaoh.
There is an initiative only adopted by the famous Kolena Khaled Said Facebook group to call and congratulate the mothers of the martyrs in Egypt. 

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