Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mubarak Supported the revolution !!

So Osama Saraya , the king of expressionism believes that ousted/former president Mubarak was the first to support the January 25th revolution !!!!! This is not a joke , it is a serious statement by the founder of the expressive journalism in Egypt himself who is proud of hanging photos of Mubarak in his house.
You must know that this is not the first time someone says that Mubarak was the first one to support the revolution.
Farid El Deeb said it and shocked the whole nation ... and probably the whole world !!

May be they got a point after all because if it had not been for Mubarak's stupid , cruel and unfair decisions , the revolution would not have succeeded !!?


  1. I will forever remember the image of thugs on camel back galloping through the crowds beating people. And who ordered that?

  2. well, compared to how Hamad of Bahrain, Bashar of Syria, Qaddaffi of Libya & Saleh of Yemen opposed the revolutions. Mubarak really supported than jan25.

    In comparison with all countries going through the metamorphosis of "arab spring". Egypt is the smoothest & the most successful till this point.

    Just let's hope none of them say that Mubarak was in Tahrir too :)

    Given how things are going these days & how some revolutionaries are stupidly acting, in 10 years history will tell he, along other people in power, were more patriotic than many of the jan25 forces.

  3. افضل رد علي سرايا المثل الشعبي المصري ان طلع العيب من اهل العيب ما هواش عيب و اذا كان مبارك اول من ايد الثوره فالان علي ان ارفع القناع عن شخصيتي الحقيقيه انا ملكه انجلترا

  4. @Anonymous Probably Farouk was the father of patriotism by your logic? Maybe Lincoln is a god? #Epic #Fail

  5. Former president Mubarak was the first to support the January 25th revolution is like putting lipstick on a pig.....oh sorry I meant a donkey, as Muslims are offended by pork.

  6. Next week the SCAF will probably announce that the revolution is againt the revolution or that the revolution is against Egypt and was perpetrated by foreign agents. It will then be the duty of the army to defeat the revolution and thus save Egypt from destruction. The SCAF will be immortalised in a group sculpture in Tahrir square and you can take shelter in its shadow on hot august afternoons, eventhough you won't be free.
    Is Zenobia a re-wrking of xenophobia?


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