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Syrian Revolution : #Ramadan Massacre Indeed “Graphic +18”

Indeed it is Ramadan Massacre what has been taking place in Syria in the last 24 hours , it is a true massacre by all measures. I bet that El Assad boys would have done it like their papa and uncle in 1982 if it were not for the media exposure.
The death toll is over 100 so far , in Hama according medical sources to CNN not less than 115 were killed while other sources speak about 200 martyrs “ I would go for 200 in these circumstances”. Bodies are all over the streets according to eye witnesses in Hama. It is just a déjà vu from 1982 indeed. Hospitals need blood and doctors are asking people to prepare first aid bag at the entrance of houses and buildings as the regime troops targeting buildings and mosques. Snipers are reportedly over the rooftops of certain hospitals , police stations and electricity stations in the Hama targeting the civilians. People are asked not to turn on the light in any room with a window and to stay away from windows so they will not shot down by snipers.
People were reportedly killed in Reef Dimshaq , Aleppo , Daraa .. it has become a norm actually after all these months but yesterday we are speaking about , I do not know how to describe it. The army has entered another city in Hauran which means more civilian casualties. People are exchanging over twitter and Facebook on how to stop tanks like in guerrilla warfare. Not less than 10 were reportedly killed in Kiswe,Reef Dimshaq. There was a strike in Latakia in solidarity with Hama. Arwad , the island opposite to Latakia protested tonight in solidarity with Hama.
Now you must know that a group of protesters will try to have a sit in at Umayyad square after the Tarawih prayers. It is not the first time the Syrians try to have a sit in there.
The Umayyad square sit in.
Below a compilation of  videos that are extremely graphic and heart breaking , there is more than a human tragedy in Syrian now.  “ Graphic warning +18”
Hama : This little girl called Ghadeer and she was shot down in her house
Hama : Badr Hospital “extremely graphic +18”
Hama : Another child , Ahmed Muard El Masry on Hama highway
This kid can be of Egyptian ancestry by the way “El Masry” usually refers to Egyptians who accompanied  Mohamed Ali Pasha in his quests in Levant. 
Reef Dimshaq : Martyr Rashad Mahmoud
Adlib : Martyr Ahmed Mohamed Hasson killed by Shabiha
Now that video below from Hama shows the buses of thugs entering the city yesterday’s morning.
Hama : Buses full of thugs and criminals enter the city July 31st
Hama : The defected tanks
There are night protesters all over the country , in fact several cities and towns protested in solidarity with Hama , Daraa and Deir El Zor. There are protests even in Damascus , in fact it is huge development that there were several protests tonight in Damascus.
Latakia : A strike and a protest in solidarity with Hama
Arwad : A protest in the middle of the sea
Damascus : Down with the regime
Maarrat Al Numan : A sit in in solidarity with Hama
Homs : The people want to topple the regime
Now in Cairo things are intense and hot indeed. Yesterday there was a small protest in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo at 5 PM , the numbers were not big due to the terrible traffic condition but I believe the voices were high enough to the embassy officials and the world when young Egyptian protesters screamed that they do not want the Syrian embassy in Egypt anymore. The protest was surprising for the army force protecting the embassy but I feel it was not that surprising for the embassy , I think there were not too many employees in the embassy.

Many Egyptians now want to expel the Syrian ambassador out of Cairo, Wael Ghonim summarized when he said :
I am not honored as an Egyptian to have in my country an ambassador for Bashar Al Assad’s criminal regime.
Officially there is no reaction from Cairo so far regarding what is taking place at our soul mate nation. Nabil Al Araby has not spoken yet about the massacre that took place today especially after stating last week that his his conscience comfortable regarding Syria !? This is the real test for Nabil Al Araby , the man who went to Tahrir square on February 1,2011. Dr. Al Araby please resign if you can a stand as a secretary general for the LAS , take the stand as a free man , as a man who used to be  judge one day.
Our presidential candidates also have not spoken yet except one and actually I am not surprised that Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei was the only prominent Egyptian to speak about Syria and its Ramadan Massacre like that whether in English or Arabic.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei said in Arabic in his official twitter account :
Allah’s peace upon Syria’s martyrs. Shame on every Arab and on every human.
And said in English in his official twitter account :
The world is watching the slaughterhouse in Syria. Shame on us
Tomorrow Egyptian activists are going to have another protest in solidarity with Syrian people at the Syrian embassy in Cairo again at 10 PM. You know Egyptians love the sleepless nights of Ramadan. Of course I do not know what is the use of having a protest at 10 PM when no one is at the embassy at that time !!
Bashar Al Assad is now featured in Tahrir square graffiti.
According to my knowledge there were several protests in front of the Syrians embassies today not only in the Arab world but across the world. Young Arabs do not want Syrian ambassadors in their countries anymore and want to withdraw their ambassadors from Syria like Qatar.
Wait for more update insh Allah , we will see if the attack , if the genocide will continue or not on the first day of Ramadan , in fact the Syrian revolutionaries do not escalate the protesting and start to protect their country and their families as they should.
@10:49 AM Update :
Bashar El Assad made an interview to the Syrian army's magazine to celebrate the 66 anniversary of the Arab Syrian army !!
Carlos Latuff made a cartoon about Syria.
Carloss Latuff 
Yara Kassem also made another cartoon

Yara Kassem- Daraa
@1:34 PM Update : 
Potential presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail issued a statement in his official Facebook page condemning the attack on Hama. Abu Ismail said in his statement that the blood of Hama will speed from the fall of El Assad regime.
Here is a video from the small protest held at Syrian embassy yesterday in solidarity with Hama.

@1:54 PM Update : 
From Hama after one hell of night , the poor city woke up today on the funerals of its citizens killed all day long. Despite in some quarters things are calm and citizens are trying to get food for the breakfast full , there are other quarters that witness heavy gunfire from early morning.
People are still killed in the blessed first day of Ramadan ,Homs, Daraa and Hama got their own Ramadan's martyrs officially today.
Below videos for the martyrs and injured "Graphic18+"
The first martyr in Ramadan in Daraa
A child injured in his head in Hama

Now the Coordination of the revolution in Hama "some revolutionary group in Syria  issued a very important statement regarding a video that has been spread lately on Facebook by the regime supporters with the title "Muslim brotherhood throw bodies in Orontes river in Hama". The Coordination of Hama states that this video was filmed in place outside Hama and that the Orontes river is not running anymore in Hama in the fact because of the dams in the street."The group believes that government will open the dam now".
Mobile phone networks are reportedly cut in Reef Dimshaq.
The Syrian army shelled the El Hamdia quarter using these types of ammunition, they shelled the main old mosque in the quarter.

Nabil El Araby issued a statement for the Arab leaders to listen to their people and to respect Human rights accords !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@AmnestyOnline is asking eyewitnesses from Hama and Deir ez Zor to come forward. 
@9:06 PM Update 
Tanks are currently shelling indiscriminately residential area in Hama , according to eye witnesses it is worst shelling ever.
Tens are reportedly injured while the electricity is cut in certain areas.
@10:2PM Update: 
The electricity
This is a live stream from Hama , it was updated from an hour ago and it is just horrible. The narrator speaks on how the city is being shelled from all the four entrances of the city , it is so emotional when you hear the shelling and voices of the men saying Allah Akbar , death and not humiliation and the people want to topple the regime. 
Many are reportedly injured and killed , I expected tomorrow's morning hundreds as hospitals are currently being shelled. Not less than 7 have been killed according to Al Jazeera.
Now people living near the central prison in Hama have reportedly heard screams and gunfire , people are assuming that there was an attempt for mutiny.
Here is a video I found for a protest after Taraweeh prayer in some street in Hama

Another video

Protesters are being attacked in Hauran currently and Homs , there is a heavy gunfire reportedly in Hauran
There were protesters who were killed after the Taraweeh prayer during the night protest in several area.
@10:47 PM 
There is currently a protest in solidarity at the Syrian embassy in Cairo
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  1. Thank you Z for this report. it is truly sad to hear this news especially we are now in the holy month of Ramadan. I pray that Allah swt will help and protect the Syrian people and will punish their tyrant President and his evil forces! let us all pray and make doa' to Allah swt that they will get their punishment insyallah. May Allah swt bless the soul of the martyrs and place them in Jannah insyallah.

  2. Why doesn't the Egyptian army go kick Assad's ass? Egypt has twice as big an army as Syria. Egypt didn't help the Tunisians, Libyans or Yemenis either. Lame, Egypt. All talk no action. It seems your army would rather govern and bully Egyptian civilians than get their hands dirty doing army type things like fighting wars. Pussies.

  3. Why don't you go and kick ass, Jason. You could do it all by yourself. I thought you weren't going to comment any more. Was beginning to miss your usual insightful thoughts on lesbianism & Arab culture.

  4. Pirooz, I don't remember saying anything about lesbianism.


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