Friday, September 9, 2011

9/9 Friday : Between Tahrir and Cairo Stadium "Live Updated"

9/9 is the Farmer’s day in Egypt , it is also the anniversary of Orabi’s famous movement and it is a million man protest at Tahrir square as well.Here are the demands of the 9/9 protest at Tahrir square.
Now surprisingly and amazingly SCAF and the government decided to celebrate the Farmer’s Day on the same day at Cairo stadium in what is called the biggest celebration ever in history !! Of course the Farmer’s Day is organized by 1960s mentality as buses from ministry of agriculture and governorates are bringing
Now here is a scan from a flyer allegedly distributed by the agricultural directorate in Gharbia governorate ordering its employees to participate in the day in Cairo otherwise they will be punished and will not have vacations.

This is very old sad technique.
The buses have already arrived to Cairo stadium in a scene we usually we saw during the NDP gatherings.
Anyhow the farmer activists are not going to celebrate 9/9 in Tahrir square. What is important today is not the million man protest as much as the planned rallies in Cairo. Not less than 5,000 members of Ultras Ahlawy are heading to Tahrir square.
Here is a live broadcast from Tahrir square by Al Masry Al Youm
Al Masry Al Youm : Tahrir square now
I am still worried as Omar Afifi is still insisting on scaring everybody with crazy theories.
From one year ago few hundreds of protesters and activists took the street to protest against Gamal and Hosni Mubarak who are currently behind bars. A lot can happen in one year indeed.
Currently it is 12:27 PM in Cairo and the Friday prayer has not finished yet , there is a considerable big number of people praying at Tahrir now.
@1:12 PM 
The Ultras has entered Tahrir square in amazing way.
There is a rally , impressive one at El Batal Abdel Aziz street now. You can watch it here.
@2:39 pm
The numbers are thousands here.There are delegations from farmers from all over the country,from the independent union of Egypt's farmers. The farmers of Sharkia planted a palm for the martyrs at Tahrir circular garden.
The numbers are increasing with the coming of rallies from Cairo and Giza. There are banners from April 6 movement with its two fronts, Al Aml party ,Al karma party ,the farmers union as well as Islamists calling for Omar Abdel Rahman Freedom
@6:28 PM 
Back home again , well I have attended the protests of Ultras before it was split in to two rallies for Ahly and Zamalak heading to the ministry of interior. The Ultras Ahly and Zamalak as well the notorious Ismaili became one hand against the police and the ministry of interior calling the authorities to release their detainees like Karim Cabo after what happened last Tuesday.
Here is one of the videos I took for their protests , I am sorry for the language content in advance.
I believe we did not have a million man protest at Tahrir square but hundred thousands protest if we want to be honest and fair yet the great success was in the rallies from all over Cairo and Giza.
While I was there I noticed that many people are waiting for Tantawy's testimony next Sunday , it is the big thing now.
Potential presidential candidates Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh , Bothaina Kamel and Ayman Nour attended the protest and joined the judiciary independence rally.
It is worth to mention Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who is currently abroad issued a statement about the Farmer's day on 9/9
@8:01 PM 
The big of protests in Cairo and Giza as well.
First we had a protest at the Supreme high court to support the independence of judiciary in Egypt. The people's reaction was more than wonderful , people supported the protesters from balconies and from windows throwing water and food as well to them.
Second we got the protest at the Israeli embassy in Giza where the Egyptian protesters demolished the wall made by the Arab contractors in less than a week and a group of Egyptian climbers have brought down the Israeli flag once again.
The flagman delegation managed to reach there with the help of the embassy's neighbors , oh yes.
Third there is small protest reportedly headed to Egyptian radio and Television union building.
There is a group of protesters at Tahrir square , already the MOI allowed the protesters to stay till mid night, hopefully people will leave and the night
The celebration of Farmers at the Cairo stadium was a fiasco as nobody showed up as expected. 


  1. I cant believe that people are still treated like sheep or dogs by forcing them to show up or no vacation! I think the Governor of Gharbia and those in charge at the Agriculture department there should be fired since they still practice mubarak style, dictatorship ! this kind of mentality is mubarak era! Egyptians should not allow themselves be bullied again especially after revolution and why the heck the SCAF and Agriculture Minister celebrate farmer's day today especially knowing that there will be gathering at Tahrir Square. I have the feeling SCAF was trying to pull the attention to the event at the stadium and also to stop people from going to Tahrir! SCAF should listen to its people voice and request not putting deaf ears to it. no matter how high the walls the put up to protect the Israeli Embassy, it will be crashed down again and again. Egyptians already said they didnt want them, so they better pack their stuff and leave since they are uninvited guest! SCAF should listen to it! It was Israel mistakes and they should bare the consequences of their actions! today saw on newspaper showing thugs with swords coming out from the police trucks behind the Egyptian Museum and this people are the ones that suppose to secure security in the streets and yet they are the ones that betrayed people trust? it seems that the army and police are still loyal to mubarak and Egyptians need to make sure that SCAF and military didnt hijack their revolution and they should request for time frame of power transfer and fair election with International Monitor and every election station should have honest Youth Revolution to be part of the election monitors. God help and bless Egypt insyallah.

  2. It was (even without millions) still an important day, because it showed the SCAF that they have to be careful not to procrastinate necessary reforms much longer. May be the farmers were still nice. The workers are getting angry and once farmers and workers start a revolution ... look to Russia what will happen then.

    It was as well a sad day for Egypt as the Cabinet decided to restrict the issuance of visa for tourists at the airports. Millions of Egyptians will lose their jobs because of this moronic decision. Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel (!) and even Dubai are celebrating this idiocy as tourists do not need a visa to spend their vacations over there.

    But of course, Egypt is a sovereign country - suicide is permitted.


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