Thursday, September 15, 2011

Choose Another Day to show your love to Egypt !!

A group of Israeli youth decided to show its love to Egypt and are going to have a rally , a love and peace rally at our embassy in Tel Aviv.

Here is the Facebook event page. They choose this Friday , September 16th as a date for this rally and if I may say this is the stupid date chosen for such event. Why is that !? Well September 16th is the anniversary for the horrible Sabra and Shatila massacre !!

By the way I do not know what kind of identity crisis we are currently facing in Egypt !! Are they referring to the old debate about civil state or religious state or what exactly !? We do not have an identity crisis.

Rallies are good and I respect the good intentions of the organizers but we need an official apology from Israeli government and compensation for our victims so this violation of Camp David Accords does not happen again.

And we do not have an identity crisis at all after the revolution.

Here is a shocking graphic video from Sabra and Shatila Massacre. “graphic +18”

Sabra and Shatila Massacre


  1. If anything, tomorrow is the best day for Israelis to show their love for our neighbors. We're trying to move from the hatred of the past, to hopefully, love and friendly relations in the future. It's not like we're holding a rave party to celebrate the massacre. We're protesting FOR peace.
    This is also fitting because the previous largest protest in Israel's history (before #J14) that brought out 400,000 people was after the Sabra and Shatilla massacre, where the Israeli public showed it's opposition to the atrocities committed under Israel's control in Beirut and called for an end to the war. The small demonstration we'll hold tomorrow is a continuation of that - rejecting war and embracing peace.

  2. Girl, you can´t be so damn picky!!!! You torch israeli´s embassy and in reponse israeli youths are doing a peace rally in front of your diplomatic representation...

    You don´t want peace. You are going to find every time an excuse to avoid peace with your neighbor. Shame on you!!!!!

  3. i usually side with your views, Zeinobia .. but you're way off on this one. Your post comes across as needlessly hateful and xenophobic. All efforts - regardless of their coincidental timing - to promote peace should not only be 'respected', but also supported. Why punish well intentioned Israelis for actions of a government they didn't vote for?

  4. Come on, say it: YOU DO NOT WANT PEACE

  5. The Israeli people have hunger to learn from the Egyption revolution. the oppression in Israel: consistent oppression against the weak and the poor in Israel, and the "my way or the highway" when dealing with the peace process , is leading groups in the israeli society to revolt and stand up against the policies of the state of Israel.
    Should give them hands to join the train ride to freedom that started in Tunisia , and then to Egypt and hopefully to Israel itself.

  6. Israeli people have to refuse Israeli Identity Card wign indicates if they are jew or not.

    Before that they can't speak of peace.

    Israel is based on racism, it is the raison why this state is carrying ethic cleaning.

  7. @previous anon
    The social protest involved millions in Israel No casualties at all, not even one wounded. Not a window broken. The police was there to protect not to attack them. So you are lecturing Israel about what? As for the results, you will get more obscurantism and they for sure, more houses.

  8. @Z
    Your comments reminded me of a joke that goes as such:
    A Jew hater was having a drink at a bar next to an old man who admitted that he was a Jew. All of a sudden, the Jew hater smacks the old man on the face.
    'What was that for?'asks the old man.
    'That was for your people starting WWI'
    After a while, he smacks the old man a second time.
    'What was that for?'asks the old man.
    'That was for your people starting WWII'
    After a while, he smacks the old man third time.
    'What was that for?'asks the old man.
    'That was for sinking the Titanic'
    'But that was caused by an iceberg' say the old man.
    'Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg, you are all alike'
    replies the Jew hater.

  9. @Stephane6

    In Greece ID cards are required to show religious affiliation. Why are you singling Greeks? This is anti-Hellenic racism!
    European Court Rules against Turkey’s Religion ID You are really a Turk hater!
    Same as in Egypt and all of Arabo-Muslim countries you said. You must be a sort of islamophobe…
    “Israel is based on racism it is the raison why this state is carrying ethic cleaning.” You are right, the Arabs were 120,000 in Israel in 1948, and they are over 1,500,000 to day.

  10. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/16/2011 07:56:00 PM

    Egyptians don't want peace. I always said it. Now you see for yourselves.

    I only hope that our misdirected youth will recognize how futile any attempt for peace is and become good soldiers in our glorious IDF.


  11. Oh, what a narrow-minded bigot you are.

    In contravention of the peace agreement, your government (what's left of it) allows terror network (in which your fellow citizens participate) to attack Israeli civilians through the border. Egyptian source admits to NY Times that Israeli helicopter shot at the terrorists while they SOUGHT SHELTER among the crowd of Egyptian soldiers, and that's why Egyptians were killed. If you haven't noticed, Israel DID express regret AND your government agreed to bilateral investigation (which will uncover the obvious - the terrorists came from within the ranks of your military). And yet you fulminate.

    Inspired by their sincere desire for peace, young Jews gather to offer their friendship for those same Egyptians who, acting like beasts, had defiled the Israeli embassy and with it - their country's honor. And here you are, panties in a twist, all because of Arabs killing other Arabs in Lebanon (BTW, not the first such killing, not the last, definitely not the worst).

    You don't have an identity crisis. Right. We'll talk about that AFTER your Islamists seize power. Or, after SCAF uses such bestial incidents to prevent elections altogether. Maybe then you'll have what you want all along - war with Israel, to divert Egyptian masses from the failure of your revolution. I wonder how much blood it will take for you to smarten up.

  12. @the last anonymous 09:12:00 AM, "And here you are, panties in a twist, all because of Arabs killing other Arabs in Lebanon (BTW, not the first such killing, not the last, definitely not the worst".
    What a piece of shit and a bigot you are. If you don't know what had happened in Sabra and Shatila then let me tell you what happened.
    On Thursday, September 16, Israeli troops lit flares to light the way for their Phalangist allies to enter the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, on the outskirts of West Beirut. The massacre of unarmed children, women and old men went on for three days. It resulted in the deaths of between 2,000 and 3,000 Palestinians, most of them left piled up or hastily buried in mass graves. The Red Cross later said it would be impossible to know the exact number who died.

    There was no question that the Israeli soldiers knew what was going on inside—it was visible even without their high-powered binoculars, and the sound of machine-gun fire continued throughout the days and nights. Finally the U.S. pushed Israel to withdraw the Phalangists. The Los Angeles Times reported that U.S. Special Envoy Morris Draper told the Israeli officers that "you must stop the massacres. They are obscene. I have an officer in the camp counting the bodies. ...They are killing children. You are in absolute control of the area and therefore responsible for that area."
    I still believe that nobody, including you Zeinab, has the right to criticize young Israelis to show love at our Embassy in Tel Aviv even on the day of that horrendous massacre. Its exactly like telling Muslims in New York that they don't have the right to build an Islamic center near ground zero because it will be insensitive to Americans.

  13. Egyptians burned down the Israeli flags and stormed an embassy and would certainly lynch the Israeli diplomats whisked out there at the last second. However, I do not remember any Israeli riots or flag burnings at Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv when an Egyptian soldier massacred 7 Israeli tourists with babies and toddlers in Sinai in 1985 (Ras al Burqa incident). Why is that you think?


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