Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flag Diplomacy : Where is our flag in Sarajevo ?

Ok not only the Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv needs to be recalled but also the Egyptian ambassador in Sarajevo Karim Sharaf needs to be recalled to Cairo so can be questioned on why he took down the Egyptian flag from the top of our embassy in Sarajevo.
Here is a video clip showing a group of Egyptians and their wives protesting in front of the embassy demanding an explanation on why there is no Egyptian flag on its rooftop uploaded last September 10,2011.
Sarajevo : Where is our flag ?
The Egyptian community in Sarajevo says that he ordered the flag to be downed because he is objecting the Mubarak’s trial !!? Is his excellency from Mubarak’s sons or what !?
I hope somebody raises this topic in the mainstream media.
P.S Should not these wonderful citizens who are protesting the absence of our Egyptian flag be granted the right to vote abroad !?


  1. دليل جديد علي ان النظام القديم مازال في السلطة ويجب العمل علي التخلص منه

  2. That's a pretty major issiue that I hope mass media should take intrest in , I don't understand how is it possible !! but the "PS" u left I don't like so much
    It's like u r suggesting that since these guys have the same view we do about the past regime that they should b granted their right to vote

  3. I am Egyptian in Bosnia and unfortionaitly people who proclaim that they represent the Egyptian committe in Bosnia they all have mutual interrest between each other, and they started a real war for unknown hidden reasons because the new diplomatic representitive staff didn't manage to ease some of thier personal business!!! for further details go to


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