Friday, October 7, 2011

For our country : Our old national anthem

Qabila TV did this wonderful video clip for October 1973 war anniversary using our old national anthem , it is beautiful.

Qabila TV : Islami Ya Misr

I love this old national anthem  so much just like our current national anthem.

I love this version “the original version” of our national anthem sang by Mohamed Mohsen.

Mohamed Mohsen sings the national anthem


  1. I love this anthem too. The current anthem is too 'soft' and is a linguistic, grammatical and metrical cocktail to the degree that is not known whether it was written in Classical Arabic or Egyptian Arabic. I think it is shameful to have such an anthem (the current one) while the national anthems of many Arab countries, which are much better, were written by Egyptian poets. I think Sadat deliberately chose the worst anthem, just he deliberately chose the worst vice president!


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