Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It is not the fault of the airshow "Updated"

Since afternoon there was news that the Cairo airspace was closed and the airplanes were diverted from Cairo airport to Alexandria airport , people blamed the airshow launched by the Egyptian air forces. The reports about the delays in the flights have been reported then.
It turned out that the airshow is innocent from this and there is actually some sort of partial strike in Cairo airport by the air traffic controllers along with engineers and flight info officers at the tower. They are working slowly , real slowly that caused this delay. 
According to fight attendants who spoke with the passengers the strikers demand that the minister of aviation Lotfi Mustafa Kamal come and listen to their demands at the tower.
Now what caused this anger or partial strike ?
According to dear Ahmed Youssef who works there it started when the controllers received a raise triple the raise for engineers and flight info officers along other sectors adding that the management is so bad and that raises are made to satisfy controllers on the expense of other sectors.
This is not the first strike in the airport by its employees
People are saying that the airport is a mess , a real mess now.
Stop blaming airshows for babies that cry and pee along with messed up flights !!
Update : 
It is chaos in the Cairo airport officially , for more than 5 hours flights were delayed and people were angry.
The controllers suspended their strike after the interfere of the minister according to the latest information
This is not good
Here is a screen capture from Ahmed Youssef showing the Cairo airport sending notifications about the strike. 

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