Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Must see and hear : Cairokee ft. Aida El-Ayouby's Ya El Medan

This song made many people cry including me , oh you square.
Cairokee ft Aida El Ayouby : Ya El Medan
Cairokee is one of the most promising bands in Egypt and of course the amazing Aida El Ayouby’s voice can’t be described easily.
I am not a Tahrir cultist and I believe that it is a means and not an end to our goal because I want the Tahrir square to keep its position in our heart and not to be hated or ridiculed by our children and grandchildren as we are ridiculing the sacrifices of grandparents in wars.
I am not a Tahrir cultist because I know that this is the revolution of the Egyptian people from North to South , from East to West. I believe one of the biggest stumbles and problems we faced is how the mainstream media called the “Tahrir revolution” as if it is the uprising of the Cairo and Tahrir only , just like the other provoking term I hate “The revolution youth”
Nevertheless this song will make anyone from those who lived the 18 days or the Mohamed Mahmoud days cry in to tears.


  1. This songs make people who haven't been in Tahrir also cry. People who are not even Egyptian. but the people whose heart beats with bit of freedom.
    Love from Tehran.

  2. Lovely, thank you.
    The nucleus of the revolution is the square, so Tahrir resemble the revolution but it doesn't encompass it.

  3. Very nice.

    I want a song about the day before Jan25 and how did every one feel that day. I want to hear Sherief and Ezz also. I want to hear what did they feel on Jan24.

  4. Good song. Weird, though, that Aida El Ayouby, in the video, is never shown with the rest of the band. What's up with that?

  5. Just beautiful - and Ihwan want to ban music????

  6. peace
    from algeria i was a real algerian wich mean a big donkey n i wake up after the great egypt n its revolution .....forgive us we're not this bad ....we're just algerian .... n honnestly i can't stop my tears hearing cairokee


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