Friday, November 25, 2011

#Tahrir : November 25th

First things first :

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawy appoints Kamel El Ganzoury as the prime minister of Egypt with full powers “whatever these two words mean”. There are rumors that he will appoint Abu El Fatouh and Hamdeen Sabhi as deputy prime ministers. He will begin his negotiations starting from today. Tahrir square is against him

In Cairo there are three protests and three marches.

The biggest one is in Tahrir without doubts , hundreds of thousands have been there since early morning. Omar Makram mosque Sheikh Mazhar Shahin led the Friday prayer. His Friday speech was very strong , some consider it one of the best speeches he said from a long time. He said that today Tahrir square will form a national salvation cabinet. Here is the speech.

CBC : Mazhar Shahin’s speech

A representative from Al Azhar called Hassan El-Shafey addressed the protesters after the prayers in Tahrir square sending the greetings and support of Ahmed El Tayib to the protesters.

It is getting bigger as usual in Tahrir square.

Potential presidential candidate as well potential square’s prime minister Mohamed ElBaradei arrived to Tahrir and prayed with the protesters. I think this is the first time after the fall of Mubarak. I do not know the source of the photo.

The second protest is at Abassiya a pro-SCAF protest against the Freemasonic American Israeli protests. Bunch of thousands are in the square. It is pathetic compared to the scene in Tahrir square. It is worth to mention that SCAF asked the organizers of this protest to cancel it in order not to create spilt in the society in its 87 message in Facebook. Rumours say that some of the protesters in Abassiya are actually the wives and children of MOD’ employees !!

Here is the Abassiya protesters cheering for the Mosheeeer led by Zpider.

Abassiya : Pro SCAF protest

The third and the most pathatic is the Muslim brotherhood’s Al Aqsa solidarity protest in Al Azhar , very few participants.

The first march against SCAF is from Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque and square to Tahrir. Ahmed Harara , the doctor who lost his two eyes is participating in the march along with Wael Ghonim. Ghonim asked the people in Kolena Khaled Said page the people to keep the protests peacefully. Ghonim put a patch on his right eye to send a message to SCAF.

Here is a photo from Al Masry Al Youm

Here is a photo from Sarah Abdel Rahman.

Another photo in the way to Galaa bridge by Ahmed Essam El Din

The second march against SCAF from Nasr City will start this afternoon to Tahrir square.

The third march is a pro SCAF , made of 1500 and is heading to Tahrir square , they are breaking the orders of SCAF as far as I could tell.

There is a big protest in Alexandria as well against SCAF ( Photo from Ahlam )

There is a big protest at Suez against SCAF as usual at Arbin square. (Photo by Shady)

There is a protest in Ismailia against SCAF. Hundreds are chants against SCAF. Last week 3 were killed in the protests and clashes between protesters and security forces.

There is a protest in Asuit against SCAF but it is not that big like other governorates.

@2:04 PM Cairo Local time

The protest of Abassiya Live

From Abassaiya

and Tawfik Okasha is addressing the protesters !!

@2:23 PM Cairo Local time

I hear helicopters , it is confirmed people heard them in several areas in Cairo and Giza as well.

There is a small rally as well in Bani Sawif against SCAF. Photo from RNN

The rally of Mostafa Mahmoud has reached Tahrir square and Ahmed Harara got a hero reception at Tahrir square. Photo from Shorouk Newspaper

The Ismailia anti SCAF protest kicked out my friend Lauren Bohn and called her spy :( Here is a photo from that protest before she had to leave.

There is a protest in Mansoura as well against SCAF.

@9:15 PM Cairo local time

PM Kamel Ganzoury held a press conference , a short press conference attended by a small number of reporters including the military affairs correspondent of Rosa Youssef , of course it was held at the ministry of defense.

El Ganzoury claims that he got the full powers needed for this critical period and that he knows that SCAF will stay in power forever and that’s why he accepted the cabinet.  He will finish the negotiations of the cabinet after the elections.

Of course A group of Tahrir protesters have started a sit in front of the cabinet HQ and announced that they will declare a national salvation cabinet. The political figures they nominated for the this cabinet are ElBaradei , Abu El Fatouh, Sabhi and law professor Hossam Eissa.

I have been to Tahrir square for couple of hours and despite there are huge political discussions among the people yet there was improper festivity mood in the square when from two days only people were dying. There were repeated cases of sexual harassment in the square for groups I believe it was intended to be there in order to scare the people off the square.

The field hospitals do not medicine but food , in fact doctors complaining that the medicine began to be stolen from the field hospitals. The doctors there told us that there are not less than 3000

There was news that there will be a press conference for major political figures nominated for that national salvation council or that transitional council or what so ever. Some people say that Elbaradei and Abu El Fatouh will be there.

Sources in ElBaradei’s campaign denied this completely , Abu El Fatouh’s campaign denied it as well.

@10:40 PM Cairo local time

No press conference because it turned out that group of activists suggested the names of that national salvation council or cabinet or whatever these names without asking them as it is their duty to accept without any hesitation !! This is not  a bloody time for slogans here with my all due respect to everybody.

You can’t have suddenly a cabinet formed in Tahrir square and claim that it is approved by everybody because it is the revolutionary decision and revolutionary legitimacy to the end of this talk because simply Radicals can gather in any other square in the country and declare their own government.

Also internationally unlike Libya and Syria , the world as in the States and EU will not recognize any government or TNC that did not come through elections or even a real censuses from the majority , we got treaties and relations and we all know what they are. 

Speaking internationally the White House issued a statement today about Egypt , you can read it here , I will quote parts from it here.

We believe that Egypt’s transition to democracy must continue, with elections proceeding expeditiously, and all necessary measures taken to ensure security and prevent intimidation. Most importantly, we believe that the full transfer of power to a civilian government must take place in a just and inclusive manner that responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people, as soon as possible.

A national salvation cabinet should include everybody and I mean everybody including the Muslim brotherhood in my humble point of view.

Anyhow Abu El Fatouh announced that he is having talks with Hamdeen and ElBaradei. He also announced that he is ready to serve the nation if he is requested at any possible way to keep the sacrifices of the martyrs and protect the demands of Egypt.

Terrible clashes between protesters and security forces in Alexandria , Tanta, Mahla ,Mansoura and Ismailia. According to tweeps in Mansoura , the clashes are started actually by thugs and not the protesters. In Mahla tweeps say that the NDPians sent their thugs and boys to attack the police stations yet the protesters and youth protect these stations.

Same thing in Alexandria , it is old trick the MOI’s thugs infiltrated protests and turned it in to deadly clashes.

There were protests in several areas in Qena ,Sohag and Assuit. Small ones though.

I just want this nightmare to end.

@12:29 AM Cairo local time

The situation is not good in Alexandria , the thugs, the hired thugs by 140 are attacking the protesters as well as the security directorate in order to defame the protesters with rocks and Molotov cocktails. The residents at the security directorate now have started defending the neighborhood against that mix of protesters and thugs. 

Dear friend Effendia in Alex is there and he is describing terrible scenes , really terrible scenes . Now it is the protesters Vs. the people Vs. thugs and CSF is watching and enjoying.


  1. الابنه زنوبيا قرات مدونتك مرات عده وكتبت لك تعليقات عليها توقفت عن الكتابه عندك لانني احسست انك كمن يصف مشهدا لاحد يصفه بامانه بدون روح الكاتب وبدون تعليق شخصي اللهم الا قليل- علي العموم- ان ماتصفينه هو الفوضي التي حكي لنا مخلوعنا عنها دبروها سويا بليل لاسباب عندهم ونفذوها الان لاثبات ان النظام هو الحاكم كما هو لم يتغير ولتشويه صوره الثوار اولا وتكريه الناس في الثوره وتشويه اي فصيل له قبول عند الناس وبالذات الشباب الثائر والاخوان والوقيعه بين جميع الاطراف وعدم اقصاء الحزب الوطني برغم حكم المحكمه اري انهم ضد الثوره وليسوا حماتها استغرب حينما اسمع ان الامريكان يتكلمون وكأنما هم يأمرون مالهم ومال بلدنا نحن لانريد الامريكان ولاغيرهم التدخل في شئوننا والغريب ان الفوضي تزيد بحجه ان الثوار هم لايريدون ان تتم الانتخابات واشترك في هذه التمثيليه الهزليه الشرطيين الذين اتضح انهم معافين وانهم يستبقونهم بالامر لخلق الفوضي ويخرجونهم بالامرلاتمام العمل بالبلطجيه ولغسل ايديهم من دم الشهداء احس ان القائمين علي الامر لايخدمون مصر انا يخدمون بقائهم في ذات اماكنهم ويرضون لمصر نفس السيره القديمه ونسواان الدنيا تسير للامام اعطي لك الحق ان اردتي نشر تعليقي ان تقطتعي الجزء الاول فهذاتعليق شخصي لك أقرأ مدونتك وافمها جيدا ولكني توقفت عن الكتابه بالانجليزيه الا قليلا سنين طويله تصل للثلاثين نصف عمري تقريبا اعذريني وتحياتيFateimaD

  2. I think this should merit a own post:

    "Egyptian military defector: 'I saw people dying and the army gave the orders for us to stand and watch' - video" - Guardian

    Inaction from ruling authority is one of the biggest crimes.

  3. Z, please, can you provide any links to video coverage of the MB demo at al-Azhar? I'd really appreciate it.


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