Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#FreeAlaa : There is always hope "Updated"

There is always hope.
Yesterday the general prosecutor has decided to refer the Maspero Clashes case from the Supreme state security court “which actually sucks , no appeals but rather presidential pardons” to normal civilian courts.
This is a huge good step.
Now today Alaa and other 27 defendants accused in the Maspero clashes arrived to a civilian court in Heliopolis where the judge has interrogated each defendant alone to reach for decision whether he would renew their detention for 15 days pending investigation or not.
From two hours ago we know through twitter that the judge has finished the interrogation with 18 defendants and that there are still 10 defendants to be interrogated. The judge will supposedly issue his rule by the end of the day !! 
Now there is extremely good development in Alaa’s case as the prosecution has dropped two charges from the six charges he is currently facing : Incitement and Congregating.
The good thing is that Alaa’s defense team has got strong evidence to prove his innocence from the remaining charges including the theft of military’s arms. The defense team has presented to
The interrogations should be finished at 10 PM Cairo local time.
Alaa met his son Khaled for the first time last week and hopefully insh Allah he will return home by the end of his week.
Here is a video filmed by a group of activists showing Alaa and the rest of the defendants at the court earlier today.
Cairo : Alaa at the Court.
Insh Allah we will hear good news tonight about Alaa.
By the way PM Ganzoury announced today in a press conference the official numbers of Maspero clashes casualties : 31 martyrs and 292 injured.
Updated : 
The judge has renewed the detention , Alaa and the rest of the defendants will be detained another 15 days pending investigation. 

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  1. As a mother this video clip brought tears to my eyes....God bless all the young people and their families...time to release the innocent and have these young people with their energy start rebuilding the country. To me Alaa is a symbolic figure I hope he is released soon. Strong women around him.


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