Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#Egyelections : Second stage

The second stage of the parliamentary elections will kick off tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday “Nov 14th and Nov15th” insh Allah in 9 governorates.
Here are the 9 governorates of this stage :
There are 3,387 candidates across the 9 governorates competing for 180 seats in this stage. “2,271 are competing for 60 individual seats while 1,116 are competing over 120 lists seats” 
According to CAPMAS the eligible voters in the 9 governorates in this stage are more than the eligible voters in previous stage by 1.3 million.
The lists seat elections have been adjourned to 21st and 22nd of December in the second constituencies in Beheira and Mounfia governorates as well the first constituency in Sohag governorate due to legal problems. 
The runoffs will be on 21st and 22nd of December 2011.

Now regarding Monufia :

The hardcore NDP governorate and the factory of our two last presidents and endless number of ministers and commanders the rivalry is amazingly between FJ party and the Misr nationalist party , late Talaat Sadat party.
The Misr nationalist party is actually another NDP orphan party , many of the NDP members joined after the suspension of their pathetic party. It is worth to mention that among its member Tawfik Okasha who is running for the parliament in Mansoura  in up coming  the third stage.
According to CAPMAS there are about 2.2 million eligible voters in Monufia.

Moving to Suez :

Despite being one of the most important industrial governorates in Egypt with huge labor and political activism , the Salafists are having an advantage there represented in other than the legendary Sheikh Hafiz Salamah. I think the Revolution continues has a good chance there thanks to the young activists in Suez.
There are about 355,000 eligible voters in Suez.
Upper Egypt is now divided by FJ party and Al Nour party from what I understood. The eligible voters in the Upper Egypt’s governorates in this stage are 2.3 million.

To Giza :

Insh Allah I will vote tomorrow in the 2nd constituency in Giza. Giza governorate is  one of the biggest and diversified governorates in the country ,  4.2 million eligible voters should head to the polling stations tomorrow. In my constituency you got a cross section of Egypt from working class to middle class to upper middle class respected in Imbaba , Agouza and Dokki. Imbaba or aka the Imbaba republic we are speaking not less than half million alone.
The top rivals over the professional seat in my constituency is none other than Dr. Amr El Shobaki and Dr. Amr Darrag . El Shobaki , the famous political analyst and researcher , writer and Kefaya member is running against the Freedom and justice party’ general secretary in Giza. It is considered another liberal vs.Islamist race
The revolution continues coalition got a very good opportunity in Giza this time as two of its famous faces like Khalid Talimah and Islam Lotfy.
The young revolution continues began to be exposed in the media as well to attract more interest and endorsement from public personalities. Here is a video made by a group of public personalities “ Actor Khaled Abu Naga , TV host Mahmoud Saad , Director Mohamed Diab and actor Asser Yassin” encouraging people to vote for the revolution continues. This ad is directed by Amr Salama and is written by journalist and activist Amr Ezzat.
The Revolution continues ad
The Egyptian bloc continues in its terrible ad strategy insisting that it is a coalition against sectarianism  and that it wants equal treatment while its leaders are swearing by God in the media that 90% of the Egyptian bloc members are Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have received a SMS Spam from Egyptian bloc this week and it turns out the Mobinil users in the 9 governorates in this stage received it. Of course Mobinil is owned by none other than Naguib Sawiris !!
Egyptian Bloc SMS Ad
There are conflicting reports till the last hour about coalitions between the Egyptian bloc and the revolution continues , it is not clear for up till now. Anyhow the Revolution continues issued a list on their supported candidates and lists , amazingly from all parties.

Of course it is worth to mention as a voter I had enough from these cars roaming the streets with loud speakers calling us to vote for candidate X or candidate Y with no respect to the people.
The FJ party is wild , furious and wise in its coverage. Its volunteers with laptops took their positions outside the mosques and shooting club helping the citizens to find their polling stations and distributing fancy flyers like this one about the role of the member of parliament in the upcoming stage.
Fj Party flyer elections 2011
Amr Darrag , the general secretary of FJ party knows how to play politics going to cafes and speak with the people especially from the Upper middle class who are not fond of FJ party. It is worth to mention that the Doa’a El Salaifya’s candidate withdrew from the race to support Darrag. The Nour party did not withdraw its candidate though
On the other hand Egyptian bloc’s candidate has withdrew from the race to support Shobaki . I wish that the revolution continues did the same instead of support two on the professional seat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When it comes to lists seat , we got the FJ party list , the revolution continues , the Nour party , Egyptian bloc and the Wasat party list that got our favorite Tahrir ex-footballer Nader El Siyad on the top of the list.
I think the Nour party may get votes in Imbaba.
Tahrir newspaper has published a list with the NDP ex-members running in the elections in Giza.
And people are still searching for a good candidate for labor seat up till now including me !!
@11:10 PM candidate Mohamed Mohamed Oraby has broken the electoral campaign silence and had this annoying car roaming our neighborhood in order to vote for him tomorrow !!
@11:28 PM member in Al Masryeen Al Ahrar has a dangerous claim against FJ party


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    inquiété les investisseurs étranger avec les discours du porte parole salafiste que les touristes le débat du bikini est alcool est disant 100%HALALL '
    les étranger on peur de la charria'
    moi les islamistes doive parler du chômage de l éducations la sécurité du pays est la pauvreté''

  2. That is insanity. How could anyone make an educated choice? The real question would be then who has ties to the current military government?


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