Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#Mubaraktrial :Beware the wrath of 2012 if Mubarak is not back in power !!

And so after two months we are back with a new episode of the long Mubarak and co. trial. Despite some Egyptians have lost hope in this trial and consider it as charade and other Egyptians are just unconcerned with it because they got their own lives , I am from that team of Egyptians who follow it because they are finding it important from historically perspective despite my logic doubts that we may reach to a real just verdict in this case.
I also find it amusing thanks to the unusual theatrical performance of Mubarak’s supporters ,the defendants’ lawyers ,some of the plaintiffs and of course Mubarak , his sons and Habib El Adly.
Starting with Mubarak and his iconic appearance !!
Mubarak , the sick old man !!
Sadly enough Mubarak and the rest of the defendants do not  wear handcuffs unlike the wounded defendants arrested at the last clashes in Tahrir square.
In nutshell the judge has adjourned the killing of the protesters  case to January 2nd,2012 insh Allah. The defendants’ lawyers now got a new strategy : The third party !! The defendants’ lawyers used the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes and the latest Tahrir clashes between protesters and security forces to prove that there is a third unknown foreign party involved.
Of course one of the defendants lawyers accused none other than Israel of killing the protesters in order to topple its strategic treasure and friend !!!!
Anyhow bringing up the the recent clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud and Tahrir square is just another provocation to the revolutionary powers in Egypt without doubt.
One of the plaintiff wanted to show the court the plan of dividing and invading Egypt.
Outside the court there was the usual act of Mubarak’s supporters , Sheikha Magda was there of course as she became a celeb.
Sheikha Magda warns us of a bloody year if Mubarak will not be released !!
The spiritual advisor of some anonymous foreign president claims to have a vision from 7 years ago about what happened in Egypt warning us if Mubarak is not released and returns back as a president , we will have an earthquake and a foreign country will invade us !! The true end of the world for Egypt in 2012 as it seems !!
She also said that Obama knows that the truth of the Egyptian revolution now and that that the Americans announced it in the news bulletin at 9 PM there in the States !! 
Also we got this little girl that will make us shiver !!
Mubarak’s youngest child !!
And here is the video of Alaa Mubarak’s TMZ’ moment . He really looks different than last time  , more angrier.
Cairo : Alaa and Gamal Mubarak leaving trial
Habib El Adly with no handcuffs
Angry Alaa Mubarak

As a reminder :
Mubarak , Habib El Adly and other 4 police generals including notorious Hassan Abdel Rahman and Hassan El Shaer are being prosecuted for the killing of the protesters.
Mubarak , his sons , runaway Hussein Salem are being prosecuted for corruption charges related to gas exportation and bribes.


  1. Thank you for the nice summary! I was waiting for it all day.

  2. You are so honest, thats why i am following what you usually wrote in twitter

  3. You are so honest, thats why i am following what you usually wrote in twitter

  4. Will Crime ever be Punished?
    By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Castelfiorentino, December 13th 2011.

    The “Seizure” of all in/out-bound possessions of the ex gang, and those of their families as well as of their lease-names, in order to be “Expropriated to Public Use of the sovereign people of the Egyptian Democratic Republic”, came as the most relieving news I had seen in my entire life.
    Characters like Nazif, Ezz, Ghali, El Maghraby, Sorur, Azmy… etc, and all the well identified figures topped with the Mubarak family and their close friends and sponsors, all those before them from the early days of the 1952 coup, who “Profiteered” from their position or relation close to the “Élite”, finally had been submitted to “Justice”. I saw it simply as an act of “recognition” and “re-instating” of the people’s right to trust, and therefore entrust, the system for the protection of the nation’s resources.
    Remember Dr. Youssef Wali, the ex Minister of Agriculture who poisoned our lands and food with out-dated fertilizers and pesticides monopolizing their imports to his relatives firms? At last he will pay for what he committed? Two generations, and their descendants after them, became semi sterile, terminally sick with various cancers, kidney failure, chronic asthma, pulmonary fungus … and an entire pack of diseases caused by that severely infectious “Food Cycle Pollution”. But Wali is not alone!
    The Ex-Ministers of Industry, the Ministers of Health with their corrupt laboratories, the Ministers of Foreign Trade who repeatedly closed an eye on imports of millions of tons of “Unsuitable for human use” food, the Ministers of Economy whose incompetence led them to accept the arbitrary terms and conditions dictated by foreign financial institutions thus destroying our economy, and the Ministers of Education, Social Welfare, Scientific Research, Defence & Military Industries, Interior; all of those who sat on these chairs and held these portfolios are now facing their judges.
    Also the “Honourable Members” of the phantom parliament, the “Respectable” religious institutions symbols and leaders, the so-called “Political Parties”, the public servants in Regional Administration, Syndicates, Labour Unions, and Banks; are all awaiting in line for their turn to stand in front of the law and take the responsibilities of their acts.
    Weren’t they all accomplice of the continuous and ongoing criminal “LOOTING” of the Egyptian People Heritage of National Resources and Culture? At last they will pay for their crimes.
    “Ahmed.. Ahmed.. Ahmed, Are you all right? Where have you gone?”
    That was my wife’s voice calling after seeing me immobile and staring through my computer screen..
    I was Day-Dreaming.. What a pity!
    Anyhow a question still remains: “Who will call them for trial?”
    Pass On The Word.

  5. Have Egyptians seen enough of this charade?
    Let's get real!

  6. Forget abou Mubarak, he is a sick old man. Egypt has far more pressing problems.


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