Saturday, January 28, 2012

#Jan25 : A year later in #Tahrir square in #photos

Here is the complete gallery on Flickr , I know that I took a lot of photos last #Jan25 2012
#Jan25 : Tahrir one year later
Here are some snap shots I thought of being interesting in this collection. I will do a little Big Photo blog here in Egyptian Chronicles.
This week a new type of street vendors appeared in the square and that’s the dates vendors , I found it interesting.
The tourists guides having a coalition to protect the Egyptian museum

 The flags of the MB were sold in the square and they were more expensive than the Egyptian flag as the Egyptian flag was sold for 10 LE while the MB flag was sold for 15 LE !!!!

Two Algerian activists hanged a banner in the square for Algerian activist Mourad Dhina who has been just detained and extradited by France to Algeria. One of the Algerian activist told me that there have been several protests in Algeria but the regime there is keeping these protests away from the media.
DSC01853 The mania of the old royal flag was there as well , some protesters was holding the old Green flag and he had a conversation with other protesters and I engaged in that conversation to defend our current flag and actually people defended me. Already I asked that gentleman whether he knew what those stars in the old flag meant and in a streetwise he told me that they meant “Bread , Freedom and social justice !!”
It is worth to mention that the old royal flag was being sold as well.
Aside from the flags , we got also the usual souvenirs that included now souvenirs of football clubs as well the souvenirs of none other the Freedom and Justice party.

 You can easily sport the members of Freedom and Justice on that day by FJ party caps or their FJ party bags.
Here is the obelisk of the martyrs name entering the square in the march coming from Giza.
Unfortunately it did not attract attention like the memorial made by two men from Port Said. 
I love how the Egyptian flag was displayed on the AUC building , already I think the administration of the university was thinking about the future when it moved the campus to new Cairo.
I have not upload the video clips I took yet , I know my big lazy blogger !!

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