Saturday, January 28, 2012

#Jan28 Our true revolution Day

After many years history will say that the true revolution day in Egypt was #Jan28 or January 28th,2012 and not January 25th,2012 , this was the true day the Egyptian people showed the whole world that they are capable of making history.
My memories of this day are too many after all it is a day that changed my life completely , well it changed the life of all Egyptians in a way or another.
Today hundreds of protesters stood on Kasr Al Nil bridge to commemorate the martyrdom of the protesters on the same bridge from a year ago. The protesters held a prayer over the bridge that has become another icon of this revolution.
Praying today at
Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi was among the people that joined the memorial prayer.
There is another big protest in front of Maspero building.
Hamdeen praying
Sarah Carr : 28/1/2012

The differences between the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of the protesting powers in the square are increasing minute after minute and this is not good at all. 

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