Monday, January 23, 2012

MOFA celebrates the #Jan25 Revolution

The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo is celebrating the #Jan25. “ Photo by Eman Yousry ”

It is worth to mention that before SCAF issued a decree to make #Jan25 a national day ,the Egyptian embassies already received orders to celebrated it as a national revolution day.
Whether you like it or not , we achieved something when it comes to our foreign policies thanks to the #Jan25 revolution :
  • We managed to restore back the name of Egypt in the world thanks to the revolution to its martyrs.
  • We managed to restore back some of the relations with the Nile basin countries , of course they are waiting for presidency elections to know the fate of our water crisis but at least we broke the ice. The public diplomacy was a great thing.
  • We managed to return back again to the Arab world.
  • We managed somehow to return back for awhile our relations with the Iranians , of course Nabil El Araby paid a price for it
  • We managed to be friends again with Turkey “which is extremely important to us on a national security level and please check the latest navy exercises and arms deals”
  • We managed somehow to solve some of the Palestinian issues to the end of the Shalit’s saga , despite the MOFA did not play that big role compared to the Egyptian intelligence yet both GIS and MOFA , in fact when I think about it I will say that Galid Shalit owes it to the Egyptian revolution.
  • The Egyptians abroad now have got a vote.
  • The revolutionary diplomats who issued an important statement supporting the Tahrir supporters during the Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes.
  • Despite what you may think but our young diplomats played an important role in helping our community in Libya during the revolution especially in Tripoli. Nobody mentions them.
Yes we still have got a lot of things to amend our foreign relations, we still have a lot to fix the relations between the Egyptian themselves and the Egyptian embassies but to achieve what I mentioned  in one year ,in unstable conditions without a clear foreign policy , I think we did something great.
All this we would not be achieved except for the revolution and its martyrs whom I thank God for , despite I feel sad for our martyrs and injured “who were killed and injured by other Egyptians” yet my condolence is that they are in a better place.
The last thing I want to say in this point our #Jan25 is like the key to our soft policy technique.
Do not believe those pessimistic people who tell you that we achieve nothing this year , we achieve something and we are going to achieve more and more insh Allah in the upcoming years.


  1. Wishful thinking is one of the most treacherous ways to deceive oneself.

    Pendulum swings back if it's not being hold on a position, so can Revolution and perceived Freedom afterwards swing right back at oppression.

    Only true media freedoms and stopping the spreading of disinformation monopoly of Maspero save the revolution, let's hope the best for January 25th 2012.

    There is a reason why SCAF is barricading Maspero, it simply is the most important building in Egypt and perhaps Arab world.

    1. Dear YQXO I believe we give Maspero more than its deserves , do not forget if it were not that important , that popular in Egypt people would have believed it throughout the 30 years or even throughout the 18 days.
      Why do we care about the Egyptian TV who nobody watch that much.

  2. Great post!!

    we achieved a lot in one year and we should always remember that!

  3. what Egyptians did in one year is truely unthinkable. Yet the idealist youth are hungery for more, and fast. This Is good, but just read the great memoir Revolution 2.0 by Ghonim to visualize Egypt in summer of 2010. Slowely but surely the best is yet to come.

    Disinformation of Maspero could be defeated. But it is very imprtant to be positioned on the side of revolution. This will minimize losses and accelerate change. A top priority task for the new president.

    Happy Birthday new Egypt!


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