Sunday, January 8, 2012

RIP Ibrahim Aslan “1935-2012”

Ibrahim Aslan "1935-2012"
Famous Egyptian leftist novelist Ibrahim Aslan "1935-2012" has passed away in hospital last Saturday in Cairo after taking some wrong medication for flu that affected his heart.

I will not claim that I have read anything for Aslan before , I know that Nile Sparrows novel was his novel and it was translated to different language and was highly received yet I have respected the man so much for his actions during the Mubarak era when he refused state awards in clear rare defiance to that regime in its powerful times.
Snowy Egret cover
Many Egyptians ignore that famous Daoud Abdel Sayed’s film “Kit Kat” {Produced in 1991 , starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in iconic role of Sheikh Hosni} was inspired by Aslan’s novel “Snowy Egret”
May Allah bless Aslan.
Here is his official website by Shorouk publication house. Here is also a wonderful piece written by our mysterious Baheyya blogger about the Art of Ibrahim Aslan.
By the way in 2011 I have not been able to read book to the end , hopefully I will be able to do it in 2012 insh Allah.

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