Saturday, February 25, 2012

#Syria : Homs , A City Under Bombardment in photos “Karm El Zaitoun”

Here is the 3rd patch of Photos Citizen journalist Mulham Al Jundi had uploaded from the city of Homs in the past 48 hours. He uploaded over 100 photos on February 23, 2012 from Homs.

He took photos from Karm El Zaitoun neighborhood that seems to be deserted except from few locals who are considered in my point of view as the perfect example for the famous phrase “Life Goes On” !! Karm El Zaitoun had its share from the security offensive in the city , it seems that El Assad’s security forces are moving from one place or another.

From what I see there is no strong military presence from the photos but there are snipers over the rooftops like a reminder for the people there not to protest. Our friend Mulham was shot in his leg by one of these snipers , I fear on him as he became well known to the media.

Homs : Our Mulham is shot in his leg

Mulham is a member of the SNC , he used to work in Saudi Arabia and left his work and family to go inside Syria and to become one of its famous citizen journalists. Let’s pray to God that he survives this. Mulham will be offline for two days. I hope he will be fine. He should hide for awhile.

The field hospital in the area is very poor , it seems to me that it is located at some pharmacy. The Mosque there did not survive the attack. Already as a Muslim I know for God the life of a person is much more important than a Mosque. The garbage has not been cold for a while. The food prices are increasing madly for instance the eggs were sold for 90 LS now they are sold for 250 LS , the prices of gas cylinders have reached to 1000 LS in this extremely cold weather as well where the weather degree can reach to 3 degrees in the morning.

You can check the first and second part from Homs and from Bab El Sabaa

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