Saturday, February 25, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Conferences Here and There while people are getting killing “Graphic +18”

Tunisia is having this conference of “Friends of Syrian people” which I have my own concerns about because simply those friends are only friends of their political and economic interests.
Now when someone like Suhair Atassi could not travel to that meeting because the ministry of interior in Tunisia says that she needs official documents from Syria then I must wonder who are attending this conference. Up till now the friends of Syria are calling for Peace keepers. This is so Iraq/Lebanon scenario. The Syria’s friends will consider the SNC as the official representative of opposition !!
The SNC has presented a vision for Syria after El Assad proposing the idea of having a presidential council presenting all national leaders as well a council for reconciliation with the past.
The Tunisian president is offering asylum to El Assad in return that he would step down from rule , without doubt Bashar El Assad will refuse Marzouky’s offer. I think after this generous official offer from Tunisia to El Assad , Tunisians should not be angry from the Saudis from hosting Ben Ali.
Anyhow the Saudi government has already withdrew from the conference because they wanted actions and not just talks.
Moving from this meeting in Tunis which for sure has refreshed the Tunisian tourism sector for awhile , we go to Cairo where Hamas has officially denounced El Assad regime after long years of support officially in none other than Al Azhar mosque. Yesterday former Prime minister Ismail Haniya of Hamas stood in the head of Al Azhar and declared his full support to the Syrian people in that protest organized and sponsored by Al Azhar to support Al Aqsa Mosque as well Syrian people.
Cairo : Ismail Haniya salutes Syrians
Now leaving the big piece of cake that is being cut in Tunis and the big speeches in Cairo yesterday 103 Syrians so far were killed and three massacres were committed according to the Local Coordination committees in Syria.
14 Child have been killed on Friday while SNC was speaking about its dreams to have a reconciliation council with the past !!!!!!!! “Warning : Extreme Graphic Scenes”
Here is an extreme video showing another family killed including the youngest and tiniest members !!! Got nothing to say.
Homs : Kar El Ton family
The break down of Friday geographical distribution of the martyrs was as follows : 30 martyrs in Hama, 32 martyrs in Homs, 10 martyrs in Hassakeh,4 in Aleppo, 3 martyrs in Daraa, 10 martyrs in Idlib, 2 in Damascus Suburbs (Moudamaya, Douma) and 1 in each of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa.
On Friday three massacres were reportedly committed by the Syrian regime in both Homs and Hama. Two Massacres took place in Hama where the death toll reached to 30 Syrians. One of these massacres as I have read including 18 Syrians from one family being shot in one of the fields.
One terrible massacre was committed in Al Khalidiyah square in Homs with death toll of 30 !!!!!!!!!!! “Warning : Extremely Graphic scenes”
Homs : Khalidiyah Massacre–1
Homs : The massacre of El Khalidiyah
Homs : The Field hospital of Khalidiyah
The Syrian government decided to let the Syrian red crescent to evacuate the civilians from Baba Amr and other doomed areas in Homs. International organizations are now pushing to have access to the Syrian cities. It is worth to mention two foreign reporters from those who have been injured in the raid against Marie Calvin’s residence in Homs have asked to be evacuated from the city in order to receive treatment properly.
Pro-Syrian Regime TV channel “Ad Donia” official website was hacked Yesterday, the hackers left a pro-revolutionary message. Here is a screencap for the website while it was hacked
What is on the ground is what will shape the Syrian future insh Allah away from all the conferences and away from all the nasty deals between world powers and regional powers that only care for their interests which they consider people just pawns in the disgusting chess game.
Now because sectarian and racism are spread in Egypt horribly here is a video from the Kurdish populated area El Qashmili showing a protest there. Syrian Kurds were supporting the revolution since day one for the sake of democratic Syrian nation.
Qashmili protests for Baba Amr in Homs
I though of sharing this video showing the people of Golan putting the Syrian flag of independence on the Sheikh Mount. It is a good sign , insh Allah it will be the the flag of Golan’s independence from Israeli occupation.
Golan Heights : The flag of independence on El Sheikh Mount

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