Friday, February 24, 2012

#Jan25 : We will not Forget them indeed Whether in #Egypt or in #Syria

Our martyrs by Amal Samir
For several months ago a group of Egyptian youth from activists , web designers , graphic designers and web developers worked on a website that would include all the names and dates of the Egyptian revolution martyrs in silence and On January 25th,2012 the beta version of this website was launched.
This website’s name is : Lan Nanashom which means in English We will not forget them.
The website includes a photo for the martyr , his or her date of death as well where it happened. The database of the website includes the #Jan25 18 days martyrs , Maspero clashes Martyrs, Mohamed Mahmoud clashes martyrs , Cabinet clashes martyrs and Port Said stadium massacre martyrs. “Hopefully they will be the last”. The faces of the martyrs shows how it was really a true EGYPTIAN revolution representing all the classes and areas in Egypt.
There is another section for revolution injured the website team is working on , of course I think it is too difficult to do , the number of injured is too high.
The Website needs more information indeed and this is why the amazing team behind is asking for help for everybody who knows martyr or injured and wants to add him or her to the database to contact them on :
Now as we have this amazing website I must hint out to its twin website in Syria : The Syrian martyrs
The website does not include detailed information about the martyrs especially we are speaking about 8,000 martyrs increasing by 100 martyrs everyday now , still those amazing boys and girls behind it updated with family names , locations  governorates as much as they can.
Just like in Egypt , the Syrian martyrs represent the Syrian society with all its sects , classes and background from north to South , from East to West.
Unlike the Egyptian martyrs website , the Syrian martyrs website provide statistics about the number of Syrian martyrs as its database is updates every two days.
Whether Egyptian or Syrian , Whether Libyan or Yemeni or Bahraini we will never forget our martyrs indeed.

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