Friday, February 24, 2012

Breaking : Dr. Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh is attacked "Updated"

Potential Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh has been attacked from short awhile ago at the ring road in New Cairo.
He was attacked in his way back from a public meeting in Monufia by masked assailants who stole his car and hit him and his driver. They hit the potential presidential candidate with the back of a gun.
News reports said that the famous former member of Muslim brotherhood is suffering from head concussion while his driver was badly hurt , well this is untrue because according his son , his niece and even to those who spoke to him directly Dr. Abu El Fatouh is fine and currently undergoing medical tests at New Cairo hospital and his driver’s injury is not big.He may spend the night at hospital just to make sure everything is ok according to the procedures.Update : Dr. Abu El Fatouh is currently at his house at 11:59 AM CLT according to his campaign.
 Update : Here is a photo for his driver Mostafa whom I think he looks fine.
Mostafa by Ahmed Ossama

The car is not actually Abu Fatouh’s , he actually rented , it is Land Rover.
Of course the news has taken the Egyptian social media by storm with conspiracy theories and accusations that this is an intended attacked against the most preferred moderate Islamist potential presidential for the mainstream in Egyptian revolutionary class after Dr. Mohamed El Baradei.
Unfortunately Life can be much more simple that because for a year now the ring road highway is like a curse now , people fear to use it at night for fear of armed robberies and gangs that attack drivers at the middle of night to steal their cars if they are not armed. This area is well known for the armed robberies and there is a big chance that this is not a politically motivated accident.
Dr. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh
Dr. Abu El Fatouh
Needless to say the ministry of interior has got a political or rather social responsibility when it comes to this accident because for a whole year the people there have been complaining for the lack of security and the spread of armed robberies.
Of course this is not the first attack from its kind that a politician after the revolution faces on highways , we got the famous Hamzawy & Basma accident and Mona Salman of Al Jazeera Misr accident in the 6th of October highway last year . Some tweeps say that the location where Abu El Fatouh was attacked was the same the location where MP Mohamed El Beltagy of Freedom and Justice and MB leader Mohamed Abu Barka were both attacked and their cars were stolen if you remember.
Speaking about the Muslim brotherhood , its political arm Freedom and Justice issued a quick tweet about the attack the famous ex-MB member has faced.
Politically speaking I can’t stop with my all due respect to Abu El Fatouh and my wishes to him and to his driver Mostafa for speedy recovery that this accident can increase his popularity in the presidential elections case.
I will try to get more information in the morning from Dr. Abu El Fatouh’s camp because simply I am shy person to call people at this time when they need to rest after all the action they have faced. To know more about Abu El Fatouh and his camp , well I think you read his tweet up in the summer.  
Update :
I spoke with his campaign , despite the official claims about how the security is investigating the matter seriously , up till this moment no one came from the police to take statements from Abu El Fatouh !!!
The campaign has cancelled his public meetings in the upcoming 24 hours. The reactions since the night have not stopped .
Former Potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei slammed on his official twitter account SCAF and the government for not protecting the famous presidential candidate.

A military council and a government that can't protect a famous presidential candidate aside from providing security in the country are actually the problem and not the solution.
Potential Presidential Candidate Hamdeen Sabhi visited Abu El Fatouh in hospital.
Hamdeen in the hospital
 Sabhi also wished a speedy recovery for Abu El Fatouh demanding the arrest of those criminals who attacked him quickly in order to know their motives.

Potential Presidential Candidate Amr Moussa who was in Sinai all day long under the protection of the major tribes there also expressed his concern for the attack
The attack on Dr. Abu El Fatouh is alarming and indicates to on what the extent security has deteriorated to the level that can't be ignored. The Muslim brotherhood is backing its former member strongly.Its supreme guide Mohamed Badie's official twitter official has this message.
My prayers for Dr. Abu El Fatouh's Speedy recovery hoping that God would avenge from those who did this horrible crime.
Ikwan Web , the official website has also commented

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