Saturday, February 4, 2012

The #Ultras Anger that we do not understand

What happened in Port Said is not only about politics and those who are trying to stick in to the the political part and turn in to another confrontation against SCAF and the MOI whom from their side do not want things to calm down are ignoring very aspect in the whole issue. 
It is not only about politics unfortunately because there is an important social DSC01097part of the story that nobody wants to speak about or even confront it for fear that it would overshadow the revolution and the battle for civilian rule or for fear it it would defame the image of Ultras and the image of Port Said in the Public.
It is so easy to put the blame on SCAF and to use this disaster to force it it leave as it is incompetent ruler for the country , well for sure it proved it is incompetent to rule this country and to solve its problems and crises  it resulted in but it is hard to stand in front of a problem called “Sports’ violence” or rather to be accurate Hooliganism that the veteran Ultras members warned of months ago.
Just like religious sectarianism problem,  we know it is there yet we act like it is not there till a new disaster happens and we act as if we are surprised !!
Yes the police is involved in the massacre and yes they let Al Masry club’s Ultras Green Eagles as well thugs to get to Ahly fans especially the Ultras Ahlawawy fans in order to teach them a lesson for their political role but for the Ultras Ahlaway is a long war between them and the Al Masry club’s Ultras Green Eagles.
We know who killed our men and we will get them sooner or later as Ultras group , we are not involved in Tahrir square clashes but soon enough we will get our revenge in our own way
It is true that officially Ultras Ahlaway as Ultras White Knights are not  involved in the clashes at the ministry of interior because actually they were involved with their complete powers , things would have been much more worse.
An Ultras Ahlaway “UA” member told me last night after speaking about that long history of fights with the Ultras groups in the Canal city that left me with a mouth hanging opened on how our memory is too damn short and how Mubarak’s regime destroyed the minds of the people with football. 
Unfortunately the Ultras Ahlaway group has another view at least the hardcore Ultras members , yes they know that the police is involved as accomplice as they  let the Al Masry Ultras Green Eagles to enter the stadium fully armed as that UA member told me.
They will not forget how the entrance was free on that day. They will not forget how there were not let out to escape the massacre inside the stadium as two of the three gates in the Stadium “The third gate which was photographed was originally sealed from months ago after another battle by Ultras Ahlaway and Ultras green eagles !!”
I talked to that angry young man who attended on Thursday the funerals of his Ultras friend remembering the fact that he may have been among these boys if he had not decided not to go to that bloody match.
I tried to explain to that him that there are NDP businessmen suspected to be involved in the massacre but he refused to listen saying that all those thousands can’t be hired thugs or infiltrators. He explained to me that there was a sign that showed the direct involvement of the Ultras Green Eagles was how the UA t-shirts of the martyrs and injured were stolen as well UA banners were stolen. It seems that in Ultras world these t-shirts and banners are like trophies.
I tried to make him explain me or rather ask him why a winning team’s fans do this and he told me that it has nothing to wining or losing.
They are hurt as well furious and unfortunately that political protesting class does not want to understand their mentality well enough outside the fact that they hate the police and they got strong fighting experience when it comes to riots.
Their own Ultras rules that make them a special group in its secrecy that reminds me with the Muslim brotherhood. It has nothing with education or class , on the contrary from what you all saw this group includes AUCians to workers , from A class to working class.
What I am afraid is that they will not  kick the ass of the police and SCAF as much they are dying to kick the ass of the Ultras Green Eagles first. They will not announce and have not announced the war on Port Said as a city and its people but they will go after the Green Eagles as simple as this.
Over 73 young men were killed aside from those killed in that useless battle of MOI currently taking place in Cairo and Suez , I am afraid more young men will be harmed, hurt and even get killed in that Ultras retribution.
It is not about the city but about the Ultras Green Eagles group. I think the only ones who understand my fear is Ultras Veterans who are trying to do their best so their friends won’t get killed or imprisoned in a very dangerous political climate.
Today some said on twitter that microbuses and buses from Cairo to Port Said services were suspended for fear.
Yes the People of Port Said are trying to defend themselves and they have to because now the city has a lot of blood in its famous stadium which I can’t stomach.  I swear I feel that that Port Said Stadium has to be demolished because I can’t imagine someone else on its field again or even sitting on these seats full of blood or changing his clothes at the changing room where tens died in the arms of Ahly footballers.
Unfortunately people began to act like SCAF and put the blame on the third party in the Port Said stadium whether security infiltrators or agents or NDP hired thugs or military police because we tend to generalize , if the culprits are from Port Said then this does not mean Port Said or its great people are bad. We are afraid to face ourselves with the fact that people can other people because of football , we are afraid to admit that these people are our people.
And for 10000000 times the security is involved and is accomplice of facilitating as well inciting this crime aside from the crimes of neglect yet it is not the true murderer , we can save the lives of many young men  for real and save the true peace and stability of this country if we present the true culprits to justice and they have true trials not a Mubarak trial.
We can save the Ultras boys from that blind dangerous justified anger and save their future if we demand justice, real justice from those culprits in Port Said as well the security forces that let happen in the first place.
The respectable members of the parliament as well the famous activists should leave the talk shows and speak with the UA boys , yes I am so serious about that. 
The UA boys will not forget their massacre even if there is an elected president , a constitution first and the military are in their right place on the borders but sure of that and we can expect their revenge from now to 5 years. “Ahly club is officially boycotting all sports activity in Port Said for 5 years”
The whole scene reminds me with the Lord of the flies , young boys vs. young boys and innocence that went away in primitive environment. 


  1. Thing is, Egypt is in a war and it's youth wanted peace. These corrupt forces want to return to their old state, and provoked the youth by killing them. Now it's time for pay back in order to cleanse this filthy system for once and all.

    In war people unfortunately die, and we didn't choose this war. They did. You simply cannot deal with these problems by having meetings and whatsoever with an incompetent government.

    It's time that the MOI falls along with its corrupt counterparts.

  2. Lord of the flies.

  3. That everyone wants it or not, yet now Israeli Power is at the point to success in deliberately disrupt its neighbors, that revolutions have started it or be turned into civil war. Syria knows the interference of Qatar and of the Mossad - among others. Even if the regime is radically to be condemned. There is a big chance that the French reporter could be assassinated following a plan from Mossad because he made a hard documentary in Naplouse for years ago after having neglected the forbidden pass... and he wan awards with this work, so that impossible that Zionist does not know it. In Egypt they deceive the revolution and make allied provocations with some egyptian forces, and there in Iran by terrorist acts they have killed the physicists. Open your eyes. Even the boss of the Pentagon and the CIA said that CIA as cover of what happened in Iran was untrue, that Mossad had presented itself to activists as CIA members but they were not, taht the US were not acting in these murders in Iran. What does it mean in your opinion for Egypt? Things are not as they appear in Egypt yet now. All is becoming unclear. But I have seen the videos of the stadium @ Port Said, it is very clear that police let the guys enter the stadium as a lynching force, first against team and then...

  4. Simply I don't agree, we have near to zero hooliganism in football, yes they are full of piss&fire but did u ever hear of kills or even serious injuries in the Egyptian stadiums, and the comedy is that the aggressors are the wining side!! make no sense at all as hooliganism event. also if u focus on the videos u will find the green eagles (portsaid ultras) stays in their seats some went just to the pitch (exactly like the man with galabia few months ago). the fair analysis will be something terrible really scared ahly ultras pushing them to run into the wielded doors. anyway this article might show some of what i feel was there (especially the part where they say the man on the pitch who was supposedly portsaid fan didn't even know them)

    from a none hardcore soccer fan who've been to lots of matches

  5. All very true. It's certainly not unheard for politicians or revolutionaries to use the emotions of a people for their own purposes.

  6. sa7i7! this is the point!

    in egypt we all want answers in black/white, good/bad, and the perpetrator is always either SCAF or "invisible hand"/ "foreigner/israel/us". for sure there were thugs hired and police involvement. but many fans of masry joined the attack. and we have to say it - this violence and hatred is found everywhere in the egyptian football, and ahly ultras are no "mala'ika".


    Heartbreaking account in the Guardian: "Captain Karim Zekri and his brother, Mohamed, told the website that there was strong evidence the bloodshed was planned. More than 70 people were killed and at least 1,000 injured in the violence at the Port Said stadium following the home side Al-Masry's victory over Cairo-based Al-Ahly.

    After the match finished, hundreds of Al-Masry supporters were seen to surge across the pitch to the visitors' end as panicked Ahly fans made for the exit. But it has emerged the steel doors were bolted shut, resulting in dozens being crushed to death.

    "I have many friends who were in the stadium, and they swear to me that the police were saying to them 'Go and beat the shit out of them [Ahly fans] – they're saying you're not men'," said Mohamed, who was not playing and watched the game in a cafe near the stadium.

    "During the second half, I saw about 10 armed thugs gathering outside the stadium, right in front of the police; there were about 50 policemen, but not a single one of them moved. The thugs had swords and were probably hiding other weapons. But I found the response of the police really odd. Other thugs arrived in cars and some went straight round to the away stand."

  7. Dearest Zeinobia, we love you, we love your blog, we love your intelligence and the insight you reliably provide to all of us who are your faithful readers. But dearest Zeinobia, it may be time for you to consider an English tutor and some renewed study of English language and writing, because this important column was almost unreadable. Please help us all and try to improve your English writing skills. Surely there are many native English speakers in Cairo who would be honoured to tutor you, famous Zeinobia, or even just edit and correct your columns, for free? Please don't be offended by our suggestion, which we offer to you with respect and good will!

    1. Yes, yes, yessss, my words!

    2. I don't think Zeinobia needs a tutor, she should get a native English speaker to edit her work and she should always study the edits. Because she makes the same types of mistakes consistently. That's all she needs. In my earliest visits to Egyptian Chronicles I sometimes suggested edits in my comments and in emails to her, but she didn't pay attention so maybe she cares more about immediacy than writerliness. It's up to her.


      Look, here's an Egyptian MP blaming Israel and America for the Port Said Ultras bloodbath. You can't make this stuff up.

    3. Great comment anonymous.
      I agree Zenobia has a great blog BUT the English is unreadable many times and I have no idea what the post is about most of the time. Please Zenobia thank you for this great service you provide but it is only good if we UNDERSTAND what you are saying!!

    4. Here is one example of a 'Zeinobia-ism' from her recent post: "France sold to Egypt parts of the ammunitions and parts of arms which in other words mainly to government , arms factories and arms calibars importers." Incomprehensible. I don't understand it well enough to fix it. Then she says "Germany, Cyprus and Italy are among the main exporters of gunshots to Egypt" which is funny, the idea that gunshots are exportable. She must mean "ammunition".

      It doesn't bother me anymore, it's just her charming idiosyncratic style and you have to get used to it. If you don't understand one sentence, move on to the next. She gives great information you can't get elsewhere. ;)

  8. It has to be communicated to the AhlY Ultras that many Grean Eagles were rather trying to contain the mess and stop people attack! Heard it from some witnesses!

  9. There is ONLY ONE solution!
    The Port Said team needs to be disbanded and the stadium pulled down.
    Simple as that. No more games, no more banners, no more tee shirts no more Al Masry team.

  10. This is unbelievable! We all should be grateful to Zeinobia for keeping us up-to-date about what's going on in Egypt and in the region. She could do that in Arabic, her native language, but she troubles herself to do it in English, so that we can understand.

    This is not a grammar contest and of course, Dear Zeinobia, your command of English is absolutely sufficient to be understood. Don't listen to the hypocrites!

    1. Agreed. If you don't think her English is good, try reading Arabic articles with Google Translate.

    2. I am not here to judge Zeinobia's English.


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