Saturday, March 10, 2012

Presidential elections 2012 : And the Circus has arrived in town !!

And today not less than 30 potential presidential candidates have registered themselves and submitted their applications at the High presidential elections committee in Heliopolis since 9 AM in the morning. “Now it is 3:40 PM and I have heard that about 134 potential president candidate have registered so far !!”
The first presidential candidate hopeful to register is none other former PM Ahmed Shafik.
Shafik after submitting his application "Getty"
One look to those who appeared and stood in long queue in order to register themselves as potential presidential candidates and make you feel that as if you are in circus with my all due respect to the real potential presidential candidates.
I am the Thermometer of democracy !! "Getty"

Two presidential candidates after submitting their applications
Our own condolence is that in every country you will find attention seeker who want to run for presidency all over the globe from strippers to Porn stars to Dervishes , it is a circus !!
The cousin of ousted President Mohamed Mubarak has registered as well today !! His name is Mohamed Hosni Mubarak also and he supports Tahrir square !!!!!!
Bothania Kamel , the first woman to announce her intention to run for the presidential position is going to register tomorrow. Kamel is already in the States as far as I know from her twitter account.
It is worth to mention that the HPEC has issued a decision to ban all presidential campaigns starting from March 10th to April 29th !!!!!!!! This means that the presidential candidates have got only 20 days to campaign in 27 governorates in the country legally !!
There is no good excuse for the committee despite to be honest most top candidates have been campaigning for nearly a year and technically nobody is going to abide by that decision. Anyhow most presidential candidates have expressed their refusal for that decision which described it as unfair and suspicious. 
Hisham El Bastawisi says that the decision does not bother him because he has no real campaign as he only depends on interviews whether on TV or in newspapers !!!
The Abu El Fatouh’s campaign announced its total refusal for the decision in a statement it issued on Friday wondered on how the presidential candidates will have only 20 days for campaigning in 27 governorates across the country.The campaign announced that it will cooperate with other presidential campaigns to stand against the decision.
Islamist Presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El Awa declared that he refuses the decision as well.
Leftist Presidential candidates Abu El Ezz El Hariri and Khaled Ali announced that they will not abide by the decision.
Amr Moussa and his campaign announced that he will not go a meeting that was going to be held at the National council of Youth “follows the government” to meet with Egyptian youth as he respects the decision of the HPEC. Of course Moussa is the last one to speak about campaign and exposure , he does not need more publicity already !!
On the ground no presidential campaign has respected the decision , they are all campaigning online and offline for their campaigns as well for the power of attorney battle before April 8th 2012.

Updated :

And the first woman to apply and register herself in the presidential race is Huda Farag.
Huda Farag is a journalist and strategic analyst as shown in Google search.
Huda Farag "From Huda Farag FB page"
Farag told the journalists today that she decided to join the race because “Egypt needs a real mother to solve her problems !!”
Today 158 Egyptian have applied for the presidential elections.


  1. whoever controls the media manipulates the political process. It is difficult, almost impossible to navigate against the influence of the mass media. Limiting the duration of the presidential campaign will solidify this fact. Candidates will benefit from favorable stories and may be destroyed by a rumor or last minute discovery.

    The circus may actually continue to election results. Spreading the vote among large number of candidates may produce an obscure candidate supported by a committed minority.

  2. Campaigns are always circuses. Look at the US.
    This one in Egypt is historic and how well it goes and its
    outcome could set the pattern for the next 20yrs.
    Make sure to question them on economics, bread & butter,jobs.
    Candidates like to soar on the wings of National Glory & Religious
    Exaltation but the new president will have to deal with some very mundane pressing problems.

    He(unfortunately it will not be a she) can count on being the most hated man in Egypt within 6 months, so my admiration & respect to anyone who puts himself forward.

  3. It will remain like u said a circus for fame seekers , they will register themselves for the sake of the experience and pephaps two or three TV interviews , but eventually the elections will be framed and they will appoint whom ever they say in their opinion better to lead the army or whomever is going to be a better actor


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