Monday, April 2, 2012

Can El Shater run for presidency from health point of view ?

Can Khairat El Shater run for presidency of Egypt from health point of view ? A question that pumped in my mind through out the day after hear

I remember very good that the family of Khairat El Shater plead through the time of Mubarak that the man’s health was deteriorating especially that he had huge heart and diabetic problems as well blood pressure problems.

I remember Amnesty International and international human right organizations even addressed this matter. In 2007 he got that terrible infection in his leg and his family feared that it would be amputated. In 2008 he suffered from defected coronary artery and obstructed artery but received treatment after terrible agony.

In fact the man was released from jail on health ground in 2011 so did he recover in one year and is ready to rule Egypt in a very critical time as simply as that !!?

God knows how many times Essam Sharaf , our former PM had to transfer to hospital because of exhaustion in the past year so I hate to imagine how our future president will suffer.

Already I believe all the presidential candidates should undergo medical tests conducted by independent panel of doctors to know that they are capable of doing their job under huge pressure whether mentally or physically. I think this is the least thing we demand after having an ill president like Mubarak for a decade !!


  1. You are raising a very valid point...But he is also a business tycoon,and we no longer want "crony capitalism" !!! @amrazim2808

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  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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