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The citizenship of the Sheikh’s mom : Was she American or not ?

My late mother had only a US Green Card while my sister has got a US passport because she lives in the United States.
Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail said so in an official statement published in his official campaign FB page on Sunday’s evening.
Strangely this comes after one week of a complete denial that his late mom “Mrs. Nawal Abdel Aziz” got any foreign passport. There have been rumors and reports that the mother of the powerful Islamist presidential had got an American citizenship and thus he will not be qualified for presidency.
That strong rumor is enforced by several press reports claiming that the late lady entered the country in on 16 August 2009 coming from Germany with American passport and that the number of that passport is “500611598”. This is a security way of leaking , why now , why they had to wait all that time , we are all wondering.
Already Abu El Ismail can say whatever he wants yet the truth will be announced officially by the department of Justice in the United States of America after being requested by High Presidential elections Supreme committee. of course if this is true , one must ask why the Sheikh lied and even applied for presidency when the rules of candidacy in the first place
US “Green card” is not used as passport as far as I know , is it a temporary passport ? I do not know but I will when the department of Justice sends its report to Egypt.
According to the presidential elections law the parents and grandparents of the candidate should be Egyptians and never had any foreign citizenship.
Personally according to different trusted sources “Including two on the same day” I know that the mother of Sheikh Hazem did have an American Citizenship. Mohamed Salim Al Awa , the potential presidential candidate close to SCAF confirmed the same thing.
Al Awa : Abu Ismail’s mom got American citizenship
Abu Ismail supporters "Reuters"
Now I could not keep myself from noticing that the sister and the mother of the Sheikh were enjoying the U.S citizenship as well its residence where as the Presidential candidate is attacking the U.S day and claiming that the American administration is fighting his candidacy !! Abu Ismail may know how to speak for Egyptian public but he lacks international diplomacy , he considers the States his enemy from the start.  I do not like this kind of political populism.
I do understand that his sister took the citizenship because of her husband who studied and lived there , I swear I do.
Unfortunately I can’t keep myself from another remark but the supporters of Abu Ismail can say whatever they want , yet they are clearly replacing officially the Military commander pharaoh with the priest pharaoh. The “Hazem Abu Ismail” boys have turned the Sheikh in to an idol regardless of what they claim and say. They have topped ElBaradei fans by stages with that religious halo.
Their complete trust and confidence have turned them blind to the level that they are completely confident that he will win and that if anybody wins other than him ,than there will be elections fraud.
Update :
Interestingly enough Abu Ismail released a video statement about the matter.
Hazem Abu Ismail’s important regarding his mother’s alleged American citizenship
Abu Ismail admitted that the High Presidential elections committee got some document which he does not know its content and that “They are claiming that she got the American citizenship in the last 3 months of her life !!". Well strangely I have not heard them nor do I know who are “them”. The body language of the Salafist Sheikh is extremely interesting.


  1. the green card is not a passport, it is some kind of long term entry visa, it gives you the right to live and work in USA, but you still have to use your home country passport to travel with.

    i believe that his mother really earned the american passport for 2 reasons, first that the green card qualify you to get the american passport after 5 years, 2nd that the green card automatically expires if you go to outside USA for more than 6 months!! so she was going back and forth between egypt and usa she must have earned the USA passport so that she could travel freely! but let's wait and see..

  2. I second what Ayman said. A green card (actually it is now white in color) substitutes US entry visa but doesn't substitute a valid passport from the home country. This makes the 'green card' totally irrelevant, and can't be used for entering Egypt. Another traveling document may have been used.

    In a rare circumstances, as in asylum cases, a 'green card' holder may apply for US-issued traveling document (sometimes called white passport) if the person demonstrated difficulty in using the passport of home country. The process for obtaining any travel document is lengthy, and involves petition and interviews. After 9/11/2001 it became much much harder.

    The Egyptian people has the right to know what the candidate's family claimed about Egypt in order to obtain traveling document of any kind.

  3. Egyptian government should request a clarification from US government. Abu Ismael's mother may have applied, and granted, US citizenship for the sake of obtaining medical treatment from medical/medicare allocated for US senior citizens. A disclosure in this case will demonstrate how sleazy one can be to suck benefits from wherever you can.

    1. Being a US citizen does not automatically qualify one for obtaining Medicare. To get Medicare benefits, the senior must have worked ten years (forty quarters of coverage) and paid into the Medicare system. Depending on her income, she might have qualified for Medicaid benefits. Those can be accessed with a green card and without citizenship.

  4. Green Card is a long term residency permit in the US. It allows you to live and work there.

    It is not a citizenship. To have a US passport, you must be a citizen.

  5. That shows again what Egyptians are up for. First Mubarak and Sadat with Israeli passports and now the holy man with American background. A turncoat that acts as if he is a descendant of the Prphet (PBUH) himself. Will we ever get an honest and reasonable leader???

  6. "Mubarak and Sadat with Israeli passports"


  7. Ah hah!!!! So he is really a CIA agent. Maybe he even has a Jewish grandmother? A secret Zionist. Shock- horror. Does it really matter?
    Question 1 Is he a good candidate for Pres.?
    Question 2 Is he a good candidate for Pres.?
    Question 3 Is he good candidate for Pres.?

    The only question that really matters. Competence.
    You will find out if you get the answer to this question wrong in the Pres. election. It won't take long. Look at GW Bush, he had all the right qualifications except one.

    If She(oh I forgot that is impossible)- I mean He -is incompetent
    it wont matter whether his mother had a Green card or a blue or yellow one for that matter. The country will sink.

    1. You are the only person who have made any logical, common sense and on point commentary in this forum. This is the real deal!!! Everyone else is looking at the tip of their nose and not addressing the real issue at hand. We are looking for skilled leaders; those who are able to first respect the rights of the Egyptian people to live humanely and then deal with foreign affairs using the strategy of diplomacy. I certainly which there were more thinkers like you on board.

  8. Is there any country in the civilized world that prohibits someone from running for President if he or she has a parent with foreign or dual citizenship?

  9. You can be a dual national in the USA - that is, you can gain the nationality - and hence passport - of the USA without renouncing your original one. The USA sets a limit of 2 nationalities, the UK 2, Germany allows 3 in exceptional circumstances etc. For instance, if you held property in another country and would lose it if you renounced that country's nationality, then you can be considered one of the citizens of that country despite not taking new citizenship (UK law, under which a British Iraqi resident was extracted from Guantanamo - oddly, we are with the americans, but against them when it comes to getting our citizens released) or become a citizen as a refugee with 3 notional nationalities (German law, details forgotten and may not now be current).

    American law results from Vietnam: many veterans fathered children over there, so it became possible to gain nationality without a residence requirement. Previously you needed 1 american parent & 2 years living there before the age of 18. After, you only needed to 'look possibly american' in the eyes of 1 of 3 judges (for the Vietnamese claimants): this system was so abused (passports for sale) that it was changed. In my case, my father registered me at the embassy when i was born: i've never been there, but i have the passport.

    The question is, would she have had to renounce her American passport? I don't know, but you cannot acquire foreign citizenship and legally remain American. In practise, you just don't tell them they never find out!(people told me)

    In most of Europe it's your 'bloodline', e.g. in Germany you can get a German passport if you can prove German forbears - so it's full of Russian immigrants who can barely speak German. In UK/USA it's primarily a residence/birth thing. Born here? British/american. Lived here & paid taxes 5 yrs? If you're European, you can become British.

    Passport law is fascinating. Obviously there's the Jewish case - although a bit painful if you're male perhaps (in Europe, men are not circumcised, unlike Africa and USA). In Switzerland, your passport belongs to you and the government can never take it off you. But to get it, you have to be nominated and voted for all 3 levels of citizenship - local council, Canton (province/region) and state (they don't hold a statewide referendum). This qualifies you to vote in the referendums held at all 3 levels, online, anywhere: each week, they email you the referendum list and you vote - and it's a referendum on everything, building a road or - anything. Very democratic, very high-tech. Although, getting a passport is/was so hard that generations of Italians, French and Germans lived there without being able to nationalise. In Greece, foreigners can't own land and are destined to destitution (everyone owns their flat), but an American girl i know (rich, of course) got her university education free in Britain because her grandfather was Greek before he went to america. If you work for the UN, you get a special passport that means they don't stop you at airports and stuff - presumably why they're always smuggling drugs and stuff - because of your confidential documents i suppose. Japan only allows 1 passport, you must be registered Japanese abroad if you want to have the option at 18 whether to ever be Japanese, and then, no changing.

    We get the mud, put fences round it, tag everyone who ends up by accident with the name we gave the bit of mud, and then won't let them enter or leave without it, even kick them out or leave them out to starve, based on this tag. Even plants are more free.

    The one crime i have always wanted to commit is obtain a large number of valid, legal passports from all different countries (by lying etc of course) - just to do it. And own a lot of illegal books. Apparently, some of the books banned in the UK when we believed in witches were never legalised afterwards, so there are some handwritten/early printed illegal witchcraft books around...

  10. He has never completely denied it on the few occasions he was That man is a master of deviousness. I used to admire him until I realized he never admits when he is wrong, and is a very skilled speaker able to maneuver around difficult questions without seeming ignorant. In the case of his mother's nationality, he has skillfully managed to avoid completely denying it, and instead is preparing people for the possibility that something is being planned against him. I am personally very disappointed because he will seriously harm the image of Islam and Muslim scholars when the truth comes out !

  11. @Maia -- very interesting, thank you for that.

  12. in Australia one can enter politics wherever they are born if they are naturalized as Australian citizens and they exercise the same constitutional rights to freedom of expression ,political or religious persuasions . my father was American but i am Australian . the Australian situation functions as a democracy with citizens having come here as immigrants from 199 different countries and cultures. where one is born should not predetermine their ability to serve anyone by freewill in whatever country . fortunately as a Jehovah's Witness, we are neutral in EVERY country on Earth and consider all MANKIND as brothers and sisters .

  13. there is white passport for who have green card the white passport didn't mean that you have American nationality


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