Monday, April 2, 2012

An Insult to the Egyptian Revolution that Can’t be ignored !!

This can’t be ignored simply because it is very insulting on many levels , insulting to Egypt , to the 25 January revolution and its martyrs ; it is even more insulting to dear Lebanon and its martyrs of the civil war.
MP Mohamed Abu Hamed participated in some conference organized by the Lebanese forces Party in Lebanon where he celebrated the inspiring Christian Muslim leader Samir Gaegae !!!!!!!!!! In a small speech in front of hundreds of Lebanese Abu Hamed said that Gaegae inspired the Egyptian revolution !!
MP Mohamed Abu Hamed praises Gaegae !!
The man says to Gaegae ‘Thank you our sir for inspiring us !!!’ The bastard mentioned the names of our martyrs in his speech , who gave him that right !?
Inspired who that war criminal !? For God sake thanks for the Egyptian revolution we have been spared from that yellow faced war criminal in Cairo.
I do not know what is worse , that the former leading member of Free Egyptians knows the true history of Gaegae and he is kissing his ass or that he does not know and he is kissing his ass.
There were other Egyptians who attended this celebration including Dr. Mona Makram Ebeid !!
Mohamed Abu Hamed can be ignorant but I do not understand Mona Makram Ebeid to honest !! How could she be part of this celebration of a war prince like Gaegae !! I do not really get it.
Now the Islamists are taking Abu Hamed as the representatives of liberals , well he only represents himself.
I never trusted or respected Abu Hamed regardless of who revolutionary he appeared because I can’t get over what happened in the elections , I can’t get over it seriously. Gamila Ismail should be the MP of Downtown not that ignorant hypocrite clown.
Alaa Al Aswany has slammed Abu Hamed in his official twitter account

How could Mohamed Abu Hamed go to Lebanon and honor Samir Gaegae who has got an alliance with  Israel , who is accused in the Sabra and Shatila Massacre  ? How could he call him a hero ?

To Mohamed Abu Hamed regardless of your dispute with Political Islamic powers , regardless of partisan interests , nothing justify a celebration of Samir Gaegae, the Sectarian children killer


  1. This mohamed abu hamed is idiot and glazy person.... He must be ousted from political life. ..... He is a form of idiocy .....

  2. Hi Zeino
    Thanks to free social media, you will see a lot of figures which were in the foggy cloudy status of events seem to be 3Ds, but when the weather goes clear they turn to be flat people , anyhow as some always say " who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl "


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