Monday, April 2, 2012

And Abu El Fotoh Shows off in front of the Muslim brotherhood

Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh launched his presidential program tonight at Al Azhar Park in Cairo in a big ceremonial event. It was more of an official launch for his campaign.
Aside from prominent figures , political activists and reporters from local and foreign media , thousands of Abu El Fotoh supporters from young people attended the big event cheering the man and saying “The people want Abu El Fotoh as a president” and “Down with the military rule”
The audience at the conference 
It was a big show off with fireworks in front of Muslim brotherhood as well the Salafists where Abu El Fotoh is being positioned as the Revolution’s candidate thanks to that big number of prominent figures in the society from politicians to artists to Christian priests even ex-Muslim brotherhood figures.
Abu El Fotoh's supporters "Abu El Fotoh campaign" 
Among those personalities : Kamal El Helbawy “Leading ex-MB member” , Mokhater Noah “Ex-MB member” , Hamdy Kandel “TV host” , Mona Makram Ebid “Politician” , Abdel Rahman Youssef “ Poet and TV host” , Athar Al Hakim “Actress” , Dr. Sherif Dos “ A Christian Physician”, Dina Abdel Rahman “TV host” and Abu Ela Mady “It seems that Al Wasat party is not going to endorse Mohamed Salim El Awa anymore.”
Abu El Fotoh supporters from prominent figures
"Abu El Fotoh" 
Abu El Fotoh, Hamdy Kandeel, Athar El Hakim
"Abu El Fotoh campaign" 
Some of these personalities gave small speeches to announce their endorsements to Abu El Fotoh in a scene that showed him as the favorite Islamist for the liberals and moderates unlike Hazem Abu Ismail whose only prominent supporters are Salafist preachers who believe that we will be only Muslims if we vote for Hazem or El Shater who depends only on the Muslim brotherhood vote.
The supporters of Abu El Fotoh
"Abu El Fotoh campaign"
Abu El Fotoh presented his advisors team in a very smart way including all sorts of experts in different fields from different political backgrounds from left to right , from liberals to Islamists to leftists. It is worth to mention that the advisors team included representatives of the Disabled community. We are speaking here about 41 team member including these names : Dr. Rabab El Mahdy , Dr. Nadia Mostafa , Dr.Seif Abdel Fatah Wael El Fakharany and Dr. Emad Shahin
It is worth to mention that the event was translated to the deaf in a very rare incident in the Egyptian political history.
Abu El Fotoh advising team "Abu El Fotoh campaign" 
1/3 of Abu El Fotoh’s advisors team are ladies including Dr. Rabab El Mahdy and Dr. Nadia Mostafa. “Member of constituent assembly”.
Then there was the big speech. The big speech was Abu El Fotoh’s presidential promises in nutshell , some of them I have already heard at the Jesuit lecture last week already. Still there was something interesting new promises like :
Abu El Fotoh addressing the public
"Abu El Fotoh campaign"
  • His talk about agriculture
  • His promise to make Egypt one of the top 20 strongest countries.
  • He will cancel military trials and will order the retrial of those who had military trials in the past in front of civilian courts.
  • He will return security to the Egyptian street in 100 days !!
  • Having the strongest army in the region and increasing the number of personnel because in the end real renaissance needs protection.
  • He will diversify in the sources of our army’s weaponry and will revive the Arab organization for industrialization.
  • He will focus on the stability of Sudan and Palestine as well the unity of Libya and Syria as they are part of our national security.
  • Egypt will be from the richest countries in the world in 10 years 
I felt that Abu El Fotoh was sending an indirect message to the army itself , to the officers , he scored a lot of points with this army talk among the normal Egyptian people regardless of how old or how Nasserite it seemed.  
The liberal vibe was more obvious than the Islamist vibe. I think Abu El Fotouh spoke about Islamic Sharia and in Islamic term for few minutes in his speech.
The Islamist presidential candidate who admitted in his memories that he did not like Gamal Abdel Nasser for years addressed the audience using the same techniques of Nasser. The speech of Abu El Fotouh had the same component of Nasser’s speech with his talk about social justice , dignity , national security , agriculture and promises of better future.
Abu El Fotoh’s campaign inaugurated the merchandise kiosk in the event where you can buy Abu El Fotoh T-shirts “which are very stylish” , bags, mugs and pens in order to help the campaign.
Abu El Fotoh's merchandise by Mohamed Habib 

Misr Qawya T-shirt by 
The event as I said positioned Abu El Fotoh as the Islamist semi liberal revolutionary candidate in front of MB’s El Shater , Salafist Abu Ismail and former regime’s minister Amr Moussa.
Of course that event is not enough to secure the way to the presidential palace , it is just the start.


  1. Withdraw Egyptian forces from Halayeb which the Mubarak regime overran and occupied by force first in order to have a semblance of trust amongst the Sudanese people before talking about Sudan's stability.

  2. He sounds like a great guy ...But,I have a concern regarding his interpretation of applying SHARIA??I also read somewhere that he declared that he'll cancel banks interests gradually,and I take big issue with that !!! @amrazim2808

  3. Speaking of presidential candidates, it is reported that Ayman Nour of the Ghad El-Thawra party has decided to run, and that Mohamed El Naschie is part of his "team".

  4. There is one very remarkable,promising candidate - Khaled Ali.
    Unfortunately he is not a star of the MB or maybe fortunately.
    He doesn't have bad relations with them but he has better answers for Egypts problems.


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