Tuesday, April 3, 2012

They Kill Cats in Gezira Club 2

After publishing the first post “They kill cats in the Gezira Club “GSC” and what it caused from noise , I believe I should not close this file.
First of all more photos showing dead cats in the club began to surface online along with testimonies in the past few weeks following my post. Here is a photo taken by club’s member Ahmed Khalifa.
Poor cat killed in GSC
Of course now it seems that there is a development in the way of killing these poor cats , instead of poisoning them they were hit by sticks.

Here are more photos taken from GSC by Pam Labib on Facebook from about a week ago.
This is a psychopath action to be honest.

Now I know that earlier this week a group of GSC members are planning to have a protest against the club’s administration and its decision to kill all stray cats in the club.
This is not an Upper Class issue or protest , the one who will protest for a cat will protest for a human. I do not underestimate these small movements anymore. If you see something wrong and try to change it then you are in the right path and sooner you will participate in changing your for the better.


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  2. It's one of the identifiers when looking for serial killers: if they killed or tortured animals as a kid. They are a psychopaths.

    (Iguana mom)

  3. I agree cats shouldn' t be killed, although they are really annoying in most cases. Thay should take them out but not kill them like that. I encourage you to wake up the conscience of egiptian people about garbage, cleanness and the presentation of thei places they call home. There is garbage all around, buildings look as if there had been a nuclear bomb here in egypt, just hidous, horrendous!! There should be a campaing encouraging people to be clean not only on her clothes but the places where they live too!! There is a world out there where people live in clean buildings and clean houses...use google and wacth it, youre missing good things if you dont google it.


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